The Latest Humble Bundle Might Be the Best Yet

$10 (or less) gets you a selection of fantastic games, including Gunpoint and Gone Home.


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Following a nice Adult Swim weekly bundle that was available recently, the latest proper Humble Indie Bundle (#12, if you're counting) has gone live, and it might very well be the best one the service has ever offered.

Humble Indie Bundle 12's physical items
Humble Indie Bundle 12's physical items

You can get the full rundown on how much you have to pay for what below, but if you're willing to part with $10, you'll get seven solid indie games: Gunpoint; Prison Architect; Gone Home; SteamWorld Dig; Papers, Please; Luftrausers; and Hammerwatch. Provided you beat the average purchase price (currently $7.90), you'll be entitled to more games to be named later.

For my money, that's the strongest overall Humble Indie Bundle since they kicked off in 2010, with the possible exception of the one headlined by Bastion, Super Meat Boy, Braid, and Psychonauts.

Should you want some physical goodies, bumping up your price to $65 gets you what sounds like some nice items, including a vinyl record.

As always, you're free to decide how your money is split between the developers, Humble itself, and charities (Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation). You can buy the bundle at Humble's website.

  • Pay any price ($1 minimum for Steam keys):
  • Pay more than the average (currently $7.90):
  • Pay $10 or more:
    • Prison Architect (Early Access)
  • Pay $65 or more:
    • Physical items: Humble Indie Bundle 12-themed t-shirt, special magazine, pins, vinyl EP, and shareware floppy disk

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