Star Wars Battlefront 2's Last Jedi DLC Release Date And New Content Detailed

Here's what to expect beyond the additions of Finn and Captain Phasma.


Of the many changes from Star Wars Battlefront to Star Wars Battlefront II, one of the most significant is the inclusion of all eras of Star Wars films. That will only continue next month, as free post-release updates will introduce content from the upcoming Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. We already knew some of the details, but EA and DICE have now revealed more about what it's calling "The Last Jedi season."

The bulk of the new content comes on the multiplayer side. This starts on December 5, when you'll be able to choose your side--First Order or New Republic--and complete special faction quests over the next few weeks. Your choice will make a difference, as the rewards you receive for completing these quests will be specific to your faction.

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On December 13, new heroes and maps will arrive. As previously announced, the new hero units are Finn and Captain Phasma. The new maps include the planet Crait (for Galactic Assault) and D'Qar (Starfighter Assault). Throughout December, you'll also encounter new quests and challenges. The exact schedule is laid out in the gallery images above, or you can see it here.

Perhaps most notably, The Last Jedi season introduces a new single-player mission. There aren't many details, but you'll take control of protagonist Iden Versio "during the days of the First Order's rise to power." The mission is called Resurrection and also launches on December 13.

The Last Jedi itself officially releases in theaters on December 15, although the first showings will actually be on December 14. All of this Last Jedi-themed content will be available for free, as is the case with all Battlefront II DLC. EA will compensate for that by offering microtransactions, which have been controversial.

Battlefront II's progression has proven to be somewhat confusing, but we're starting to get a grasp on it now that the game is playable on Xbox One and PC through EA/Origin Access. It releases for both platforms, as well as PS4, on November 17. You can read more in our Battlefront II multiplayer pre-review.

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