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New Witcher Game Plans Have Changed | GameSpot News

Looks like some big changes are coming to one of the new Witcher games that CD Projekt announced in October 2022.

Looks like some big changes are coming to one of the new Witcher games that CD Projekt announced in October 2022.

On March 20, the company revealed that the new Witcher game in development at The Molasses Flood in Boston, codenamed Project Sirius, underwent an "evaluation" of its "scope and commercial potential" against the original concept.

Based on that evaluation, CD Projekt decided to take an "impairment allowance" of close to $10 million. Video game business reporter Game Over Thirty said CD Projekt's move here suggests a "complete scrapping" of the existing version of Project Sirius. CD Projekt's statement went on to say that the company will now work on "formulating a new framework for this project."

A spokesperson for CD Projekt told GameSpot: "Our current focus is ensuring that Project Sirius is aligned with the strategy of the CD PROJEKT Group. At this point in time, we are neither providing insight into the evaluation of the project nor the potential future frameworks thereof."

Back when the game was announced, CD Projekt billed it as an innovative take on The Witcher series aimed at veterans and newcomers alike. It was in pre-production as of October 2022 and had more than 60 people working on it then.

The other games that were announced back then included a new trilogy of mainline Witcher games from CD Projekt Red itself, as well as a third-party Witcher game codenamed Canis Majoris. The studio also announced a Cyberpunk 2077 sequel and a new IP with the codename Hadar.

Whenever I hear that a game studio, movie studio or music artist are starting a project over, I begin to wish I was a fly on the wall watching that decision get made. What was the original project like and what made them change their mind?

Another game that might see some changes before release, just not the starting over kind of changes, is Diablo 4.

The game’s early access beta has concluded, and A LOT of people took part. How many? Well, we now know it's more than 1 million. Blizzard said on Twitter that more than 1 million people reached at least level 20, which granted them a special bonus.

Everyone who hits level 20 (of 25 in the beta) gets the Beta Wolf Pack item that includes a cute little wolf cub. As announced previously, all progress from the early access beta carries forward to this week's open beta, so anyone who didn't reach level 20 already can keep pushing ahead to earn the item. It's important to note that progress will not carry over to the full release this June, just from early access to open beta. The only thing carry over to June is the Beta Wolf Pack if you unlock it.

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