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Sounds Like Nintendo Won't Make PC Games Anytime Soon

Don't expect Mario on your computer just yet.


Nintendo has published the English translation of the latest Annual General Meeting, and one of the questions pertained to PC games. Someone asked, "Are you planning any hardware or software initiatives in the PC market?" Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima responded by saying Nintendo is aware that PC gaming is popular, but he made it clear that Nintendo isn't extending itself to that market soon or possibly ever.

"We are aware that many consumers play PC games. However, we believe that the integrated hardware-software business is the best way for us to provide the surprises and new gameplay experiences that we want to achieve," he said.

Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario Odyssey

For a long time, Nintendo held out from releasing smartphones games before ultimately getting on board with Super Mario Run and other titles. Super Mario Run has been a big hit, reaching 150 million downloads globally.

So this is to say, Nintendo's stance of not releasing games on PC might not be set in store; as always, things can change. But for the time being, you can expect Nintendo to continue to focus on its own hardware, including Nintendo Switch and 3DS, as well as its smartphone initiatives.

"We believe that we can further expand our core integrated hardware-software business by providing our software on smart devices and increasing the number of consumers who experience our IP," Kimishima said.

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