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Super Nintendo Land Is "More Than Just A Licensing Deal"

"This is more than just a simple licensing deal between Universal and Nintendo."


Some of Nintendo's franchises are coming to Universal Studios theme parks through a new area called Super Nintendo World. It's an incredibly exciting prospect for people who enjoy theme parks and Nintendo's franchises, and now Nintendo has talked a little bit more about its plans.

In a recent investor Q&A, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto--who created Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and others--stressed that Super Mario Land is much more than a simple licensing deal. Nintendo's developers, including Miyamoto himself, are actively involved in the design and production of the park. That's pretty cool to hear.

"This is more than just a simple licensing deal between Universal and Nintendo," Miyamoto said. "It is a highly collaborative project between both companies, including a large number of Nintendo developers, myself included, so please look forward to more information to come."

Miyamoto attended the groundbreaking ceremony for Super Mario World at Universal Studios Japan in June. There will also be Super Nintendo Land destinations at Universal's American parks in Hollywood and Florida.

The Japanese park is aiming to open before the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020, with the parks in America coming later.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima added that Nintendo has not yet decided if it will open Super Nintendo Land parks at other locations. Whether or not this happens will depend on "future negotiations with Universal." Universal Studios apparently has plans to open new parks in other parts of the world such as Beijing, Moscow, and South Korea, so those could also be potential destinations for Super Nintendo Land.

Nintendo has yet to announce specific rides or attractions, but you watch the video above to get a high-level idea for what Nintendo and Universal are planning. There is also reason to believe real-life Mario Kart will be one of the attractions.

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