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SNES Classic Edition Prices Soar On Ebay After Pre-Orders Sell Out Quickly

The SNES Classic is available at a high price on Ebay.


Update: It should go without saying, but failing to secure a SNES Classic Edition pre-order doesn't mean you won't ever get one. GameStop has reassured fans that, although it's sold out for now, it will have more units available for walk-ins at its stores on launch day. That will presumably be the case at other retailers as well, which is all the more reason to not pay up on sites like Ebay. We'll continue monitoring pre-order availability and report back as more retailers share their plans for launch.

Original Story: It was perhaps to be expected, despite Nintendo's claims that it would deliver far more SNES Classic Edition systems than it did NES Classics. While that might prove to be true in the long-term, pre-orders have gone extremely quickly, resulting in some outrageous prices on the resale market.

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Numerous SNES Classic listings have emerged on Ebay from those who have successfully secured pre-orders. Although that's to be expected, a look at listings that have actually sold show how much people are willing to pay: dozens have sold for upwards of $200, with many going for nearly $300. This, keep in mind, is for a system that regularly retails for $80.

There would have undoubtedly been demand for the SNES Classic under any circumstances--the SNES is a beloved system, and the selection of 21 games (one of which, Star Fox 2, was never released) is very good. But a number of factors have only served to intensify demand: namely, how difficult it was to buy an NES Classic, the surprise discontinuation of that system, and Nintendo's announcement that it only plans to ship SNES Classic units until the end of the year.

Several opportunities to pre-order a SNES Classic have been available in the US today. However, the first batch (from Amazon and Best Buy) went live overnight and were gone by the time many people woke up. Others, including those from Walmart at Target, disappeared even more quickly. GameStop's website has been down for a good portion of the day, but it did take pre-orders in stores--although, at least in some cases, it only offered bundles. ThinkGeek had the system available, but only in pricey bundles that have sold out.

We'll continue to update our SNES Classic Edition pre-order guide with the latest details on where you can pre-purchase the system. But with the way things are going, you may have to wait until launch to have a real shot at getting one.

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