PC Dinosaur Game Ark Adds One of Its "Trolliest" Creatures Ever

Meet the Oviraptor.


Past Ark: Survival Evolved updates have added big dinosaurs and small dinosaurs, but the PC game's newest creature is one of the title's "trolliest" dinosaurs ever.

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Meet the Oviraptor. This beast, added to Ark today through v226, will sneak into your camp and snatch eggs to either eat or give to its master. The dinosaur also has another unique attribute--and it involves mating.

"In an incredible feat of natural selection, Oviraptor seems to emit a chemical pheromone that affects many creatures as an aphrodisiac," developer Studio Wildcard said. "Mated creatures are much more likely to… 'create' new fertilized eggs while Oviraptor is around, which allows the Oviraptor to go about its business unperturbed. They also make quite adorable sounds, so many children simply like to keep them as rather strange companions."

Ark update v226 also introduces the stealth-focused Ghillie suit armor for players, as well as "new modern structures such as the Industrial Oven and Bunk Bed." Players can also look forward to "various optimizations and balance improvements" through the new update.

Ark is available now on PC through Steam Early Access, where it's sold more than 2 million copies since its release earlier this year. An Xbox One version will be released through the console's Game Preview program very soon, while the full, complete version is slated to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2016.

Previous Ark updates have included big dinosaurs, small dinosaurs, spooky stuff, and super turkeys. For more on Ark, check out GameSpot's Early Access review.

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