PC Dinosaur Game Ark's Halloween Update Lets You Fight Zombie Dodo Birds

Ark: Fear Evolved.


Ark: Survival Evolved is getting a Halloween-themed update, developer Studio Wildcard has announced. The in-game event, called Ark: Fear Evolved, will bring a number of changes to the dinosaur-themed game, including shorter days and longer nights, while the moon will turn red. In addition, bats and other beasts will appear in the world. Players will also be able to carve pumpkins.

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In addition, Studio Wildcard teases that "other nasty creatures" will show up with the Halloween update, including "powerful undead beasts." One of these is the totally-fake-but-awesome-sounding "Dodorex," which will come to the game alongside zombie Dodos who are out for blood. Kill these creatures and you'll earn "limited edition treats," though they were not named outright.

More details about Fear Evolved will be announced in the coming weeks, Studio Wildcard said. The update itself is scheduled to go live at the end of October and run for "about a week."

Ark: Survival Evolved launched this summer on Steam Early Access and has now sold more than 2 million copies. It remains in development, with the full version expected to launch in summer 2016.

It's also coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with owners of Microsoft's system able to play starting this winter through Game Preview. For more on Ark: Survival Evolved, check out GameSpot's Early Access review.

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