Microsoft's Major Nelson takes a pop at Sony's PS4 unveiling

Microsoft's face of Xbox Live not keen on Sony not showing off the hardware.


Microsoft's Major Nelson--aka Larry Hryb--has criticised one aspect of Sony's PlayStation 4 unveiling last night: that Sony didn't actually show the console.

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"Announce a console without actually showing a console? That's one approach," said Hryb on Twitter. Last night, at its official PlayStation 4 unveiling, Sony showed off the PS4's UI and controller, but there was no sight of what the machine itself would look like when it's released later this year.

"Love to know what you thought of the presentation after you have a moment to think it over. I'll share my thoughts on the show this weekend," added Hryb.

Hryb posted an E3 countdown on his blog earlier in the year. Microsoft is expected to formally announce its next Xbox in the coming months--presumably Microsoft will make sure to actually show off the machine when it does.

Sony will release the PlayStation 4 later in 2013, though a price and date for the console were not formally set.

During its PlayStation 4 unveiling, Sony confirmed that the next-gen console would feature a PC-like architecture and x86 processor. The publisher also announced new entries in the Killzone and Infamous franchises, before unveiling new IP in the form of Drive Club and Knack. Media Molecule showed off a new sculpting prototype, Capcom unveiled its new title Deep Down (working title), and Square Enix promised to unveil a new Final Fantasy game at E3.

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