Third game in Infamous series announced by Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch's Nate Fox spells out the horrors of our security-centered society as a prelude to the next game in the Infamous series, Second Son.


You may not realize this, but the world we live in pretty much blows. Entire lifetimes are being wasted waiting in line at airport security, or the post office, or the bank. Security cameras watch our every move, and if we're not careful, some really silly .gifs could come as a result. The illusion of security we all desperately cling to has come at a high price: our freedom.

Third game, second son.
Third game, second son.

So, how do we retake those lost freedoms? At Sony's PlayStation 4 press conference in New York City, Sucker Punch's own Nate Fox offered one suggestion: super powers--specifically, fireballs, and lots of them! As the creator of Infamous, Sucker Punch took this opportunity to unveil the next chapter in its super-powered, open-world series, Infamous: Second Son.

While the series' previous protagonist, Cole MacGrath, was (in)famous for his iconic lightning attacks, the hero in the reveal trailer had a much more fiery personality. The trailer also hinted at a much wider scale for this next game, with many more super-powered individuals hiding unnoticed among the populace.

No release dates or other details were revealed after the announcement; however, we can all rest assured that Sony--much like the game's authoritative D.U.P.--has the situation under control.

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