Knack announced for the PlayStation 4

The first confirmed game for the PlayStation 4 is Knack, a 3D platformer announced by system lead architect Mark Cerny.



At Wednesday's PlayStation Meeting, PlayStation 4 lead design architect Mark Cerny presented the first confirmed game for the just-announced console: Knack.

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A trailer followed the announcement. The game is apparently a 3D platformer featuring a small robot called Knack, who can grow much, much larger than he initially appears. Based on what the trailer showed, he can also become transparent and walk unharmed through lasers. Later in the presentation, Cerny showed how Knack would be compatible with the PlayStation 4's remote play feature by playing the game on a PlayStation Vita via remote play.

The trailer displayed the logo for Japan Studio, known for games like Ape Escape and LocoRoco. GameSpot will bring you more on Knack--and on the PlayStation 4--as information becomes available.

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