Killzone: Shadow Falls blasting its way onto PlayStation 4

Guerrilla Games announces the next entry in the science-fiction first-person shooter franchise.


Shooting looks like it will play a large part in the future, in more ways than one. Guerrilla Games announced the latest entry in the Killzone franchise at today's PlayStation Meeting press conference. Called Killzone: Shadow Fall, this near-future first-person shooter pits you against the red-eyed villains from the previous games, the Helghast. Killzone: Shadow Falls is set to be released for the PlayStation 4.

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The playable, real-time demo started with a bird's-eye view of a city as your character is being ferried by a helicopter. The scene unfolds through the eyes of your character, and you see skyscrapers with waterfalls pouring off the sides and mist drifting just in front of your vision.

Once you land, the serene look transforms into one of violence. The Helghast force ambushed the soldiers and citizens near the landing zone, and, after an explosion blows a sizable hole in a nearby building, the main character sets off to shoot the foes. The combat takes place from a first-person perspective, and we saw a futuristic assault rifle and a sniper rifle being used. There was also one melee attack where your character jumps from a ledge to kill an enemy soldier with a knife blow.

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