Drive Club announced for PlayStation 4

PS4 racing sim focuses on highly detailed cars and social racing teams.



Today at Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2013, Matt Southern from Evolution Studios took the stage to announce the development of Drive Club. Known primarily for the WRC series and the MotorStorm franchise (both PlayStation console/handheld exclusives), Evolution's new game will focus on the social connectivity that Sony has placed at the core of its PlayStation 4 design philosophy.

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Drive Club will encourage players to join clubs and engage in competition against other clubs, both synchronously and asynchronously. During the trailer, team data was shown on a tablet screen, underscoring the cross-platform functionality that Sony was eager to tout. Southern compared Drive Club's competitions to class-based first-person shooters, saying that there will be many ways to contribute to the team beyond simply winning races.

The trailer was composed largely of loving close-ups of various car parts as Southern waxed rhapsodic about all of the technical wizardry and exacting detail that Evolution has brought to bear on the car models (notably the Koenigsegg Agera R and the Hennessey Venom GT). Then there were numerous shots of the cars in action, highlighting a number of camera angles and sunny environments.

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