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Check Out This Cool New Pac-Man Nintendo Switch Controller

You can preorder the Pac-Man Hori Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch right now and replace your Joy-Cons with more substantial controllers.


Hori's Split Pad Pro is one of the best Nintendo Switch controllers you can buy. Each handle slides into the Switch, replacing the Joy-Cons and giving you more substantial pads to use in handheld mode. Hori recently released a number of different colors, and now the company has revealed a Pac-Man-themed version of the Split Pad Pro. It's available to preorder now for $60 with a release date of November 19.

The new Pac-Man design has the little yellow guy on the left controller, accompanied by the blue ghost Inky, while the right controller features red ghost Blinky, pink ghost Pinky, and orange ghost Clyde. Beneath them, the controller features the classic Pac-Man map.

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