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The Best Nintendo Switch Controller (September 2020): GameCube-Style Controllers, Switch Fight Sticks, And More

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Dualshocks, Pro Controller clones, and retro-style pads you can play on your Switch

When the Nintendo Switch console first released in March 2017 the tiny, flat Joy-Cons at the console's sides left something to be desired (at least the newer Switch Lite has an actual D-Pad). With all of the options we get from the best Xbox One and Xbox Series X controllers, I wanted to look for the best Nintendo Switch controller to make all my games play just a bit better. An additional game controller is a key Nintendo Switch accessory for many players; while the current model of Switch sports improved battery life over the launch model, some kinds of games just don't play well on the default control option.

Thankfully, Switch players have all kinds of options when it comes to Nintendo Switch accessories. Like the best PS4 controllers, there are a lot of different options for Nintendo's platform. Whether you prefer to play your Nintendo Switch console with an Xbox One or PS4 controller, play using the Joy-Cons while they're charging, or just love gaming on the go, there's an accessory tailor-made for you. You can even make the console more comfortable by improving the grip on the console itself, so you don't drop it and damage the screen (though you should probably still get a tempered glass screen protector, just in case). The official Nintendo Pro controller is still the best Nintendo Switch controller for the console overall (it has a great battery perfect for long gaming stints, easy charging, and can be used with a Nintendo Switch dock or even if you're using the console in tabletop mode), but it's also somewhat pricey. But even if you're looking for something else, we're on the case.

Whether you're looking for a cheaper Switch Pro alternative or just want a Nintendo Switch controller with a different grip while you play Minecraft or any other Nintendo Switch game, we have a number of other gaming options at our disposal without having to resort to a Switch mod; third-party companies like 8Bitdo and PDP have introduced some great alternatives to the Pro controller that account for personal preference while also introducing new features not found in first-party Nintendo Switch accessories, which can improve your experience with your favorite Nintendo Switch game. A few companies have even tried to replicate the look and feel of a Gamecube controller, and some even keep the motion control aspect of the console intact. Not all of these Switch accessories are winners, but I've tested and identified some of the best Nintendo Switch controllers (most of which also work with the new Switch Lite, by the way) if you need something a little different at a more affordable price.

We'll keep this article updated as we test the latest custom controller, adapter, and other Switch accessories as they're introduced. In the meantime, read on for an overview of the best Nintendo Switch controllers we've tried and can vouch for. Note that all pricing indicated below is subject to change--Amazon slashes the price on these products regularly, so you may see a discount when clicking through that we haven't listed here.

Quick look: The best Nintendo Switch controllers we've tested

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Best GameCube-style controllers

If you're looking for a controller that mirrors the original GameCube's pad, then look no further than here. It's very hard to find an official controller from Nintendo these days, but if you can't live without the classic controller's unique layout, then these pads will more than fill that role.

Best Switch fight sticks and pads

If you're fighting game fan, nothing beats a good fight stick or pad. They're made specifically for fighting games and make knocking out long combos much easier than your traditional controller. The Switch doesn't have much in the way of options when it comes to fight sticks and pads, but thankfully, there are still a few great options you'll love.

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