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Best Headset For PC Gaming In 2023

Whether you game exclusively on PC or also have a favorite console, there's a great gaming headset in here for you.


Choosing a PC gaming headset is more challenging than it is for consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, in large part because just about every gaming headset out there is compatible with PC. This means you can shop for headsets that were designed with PlayStation or Xbox in mind and not miss out on anything. To help make your purchasing decision easier, we've rounded up the best PC headsets in 2023. We left no stone unturned here by testing and picking headsets across all budgets, from high-end headsets with heaps of customization features to no-frills wireless and wired headsets that will get the job done for many PC users.

In addition to having more options than console players, PC gamers can also often fine-tune their listening experience to a greater degree than those gaming on Xbox and PlayStation. Many major gaming headset manufacturers have free audio software that lets you take control over practically all aspects of your game audio. So, if you're one of those gamers who plays on PC because you generally get more of a say when it comes to overarching settings like graphics, you'll probably want to opt for a headset that gives you similarly robust audio customization options.

Our list of the best PC gaming headsets includes the latest options from major manufacturers such as SteelSeries, Razer, HyperX, and Logitech. We're confident that you'll find a headset on this list that will work well for your needs. If you also game on other platforms, you should pay close attention to compatibility for your favorite platforms. Some of the best gaming headsets today feature universal support across all major platforms and also have built-in Bluetooth support. If you choose carefully, you can ensure that you have a PC gaming headset that will also fill your needs for other devices in your home.

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