Check Out This $900 Batman: Arkham Knight Statue

Batman's latest statue has him blinged out with gold.


Batman: Arkham Knight released last year, but statue company Prime 1 Studio announced on Facebook recently that its latest statue based on the game is releasing worldwide. It costs $900, and only 500 are being made (via Game Informer).

The Batman Prestige Edition statue stands just shy of three feet at 34 inches tall. It includes a flexible cape, detachable gargoyles (located on the base), and two switchable palms, one of them designed to hold the Batclaw. You can check it out in the gallery below.

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It also features Batman in his v8.05 Prestige edition suit, which players can unlock in Arkham Knight by reaching 240% completion. To achieve this, players have to complete the story campaign twice, finish all of the sidequests, and get through the Season of Infamy DLC.

No release date for the statue has been announced, but you can keep your eye on Prime 1 Studio's Facebook page for more details.

We've reported on several Batman statues and figures in the past, including Square Enix's designs of Batman, Batgirl, and Superman. The Final Fantasy company has even taken a shot at the Dark Knight's villains and reimagined him as a Spartan warrior. You can check out more Batman figures through the links below.

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