If Square Enix Designed Batman's Villains

Square Enix's Play Arts Kai version of The Joker is very disturbing.


Square Enix has tried its hand at designing many different characters with its Play Arts Kai line, and now it's taking a stab at Batman's rogues gallery. These figures share a unique twist, in which they're all dressed as Batman. The company has already revealed the Joker and Two-Face figures, but now we can take a closer look with some official pictures (via ToyArk).

The Joker has taken on many different looks, from goofy to creepy, and Square Enix's version of the iconic villain is quite unnerving. Standing at 11 inches, he's dressed in a purple Batsuit that looks like it was made out of a straitjacket, with deranged ears and a tattered cape. You can check out images of the figure in the gallery below.

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The figure's outfit is equipped with dynamite, a flower, cans of pepper spray, and an alarm clock. These are stuck to his body, but it also comes with separate accessories such as playing cards, a batarang, a knife, a gun, and a "BANG!" flag. As for interchangeable parts, there are two heads and four hands.

Square Enix described the figure, saying, "The pale skin and bloodshot eyes accentuate his eerie quality, while his trademark purple and green lend dark shadows to his coloring. The bat mark roughly painted on his chest can almost be construed as a laughing mouth. It seems to make a mockery of Batman, offering a glimpse into how The Joker’s twisted mind ticks."

The Two-Face figure is 11 inches tall and looks like a mix of Batman from Injustice: Gods Among Us and something much more disturbing. The figure comes with five interchangeable hands, a Two-Face-themed batarang, a grappling gun, and other accessories. Check it out for yourself in the gallery below.

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If you're interested in buying these figures for yourself, both cost $200 and can be preordered on Square Enix's site. Two-Face releases this December, while The Joker launches March 2017.

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