New $150 Batman Statue Is Epic

This massive statue is ready to protect your collectibles.


Everyone loves Batman. It's never a surprise to see new Batman merchandise hit store shelves. For those that just can't get enough, DC Collectibles is set to release a highly detailed statue featuring the Caped Crusader. The latest figure in DC's Designer Series is based off artist Andy Kubert's art from the Dark Knight III: The Master Race comic by Kubert and Frank Miller.

DC Collectibles allowed us to get our hands on Batman early to take a close look at the statue.

The statue is about 12" tall and has a good heft to it. Because this is from the story set a few years from now, Batman has bulked up. Holding his fist up, he's ready to deliver a massive punch to anyone who gets in his way. His other hand has a tight grip on his cape. The last thing Batman has time for is tripping over it.

With this version of Batman, you'll notice he has smaller ears. The Bat-emblem is big, as is his utility belt. He has a very intimidating pose and will look great standing next to the rest of your collection.

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The statue comes with a simple, but elegant, base. There are two pins in the right foot to secure it to the base. Having the left foot standing off the base adds to the design. The smaller base makes the big statue feel even bigger. The foot standing off the base also gives it more stability.

You can see more images below.
You can see more images below.
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Another impressive aspect is how sturdy the tips of the cape are. There's a nice thickness to it. You'll obviously still want to be careful, but it's thankfully not as delicate as you might expect.

The statue retails for $150. You can pre-order it directly from DC or pick it up at select comic and specialty stores. Let us know what you think of this. Is this something you'd add to your collection?

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