Batman Teams Up With Barbie for New Toy

Batman is not a Barbie Girl, but he's definitely in a Barbie World.


Last year's San Diego Comic-Con brought the announcement of Batman v Superman joining the Barbie line of figures. The highly anticipated movie is hitting theatres in less than two months and the Batman Barbie doll is now available on Amazon (via Gizmodo).

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The Caped Crusader isn't the only hero getting their own Barbie. Wonder Woman is also available now on Amazon, and it's likely we'll soon see Superman as well. You can check out images of the two dolls above.

Although the Wonder Woman figure doesn't quite resemble Gal Gadot, the Batman doll looks strikingly similar to Ben Affleck. It looks like you'll be able to see that for yourself, thanks to a removable cowl. Batman's outfit looks like it's made mostly of fabric, while Wonder Woman's looks to consist mostly of plastic.

There's currently only one available of each. If you want Wonder Woman it'll cost you $89.99, while Batman comes in a little more expensive at $109.95.

Batman v Superman hits theatres on March 23. You can check out the latest trailer here and the trailer that revealed our first look at Wonder Woman in action here.

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