Too complicated and frustrating...

User Rating: 2.5 | Armored Core: Formula Front PSP
Armored Core is a horrible game and way too frustrating.

Storyline 0/10: What storyline? This is all about just shooting and fighting. Absolutely no intellegience involved just no brained slicing.

Graphics 7/10: This game has pretty good graphics. Still not good for a PSP but good enough for me.

Sounds 10/10: The sounds are very great and realistic. This is what caught my attention. The gunfire and every slice into the metal sounds as real as life. I was extremely surprised with the sound.

Gameplay 5/10: The maneuver of your robot is way to hard and frustrating. You can't figure out the controls and by the time you have figured them out your robot is completely destroyed.

Unless you're the kind of guy that has no intelligence and just likes beating the crap out of random enemies don't buy this game. I would prefer it however for the kind of person that loves to customize and build robots. But the storyline type of people shouldn't get this game.