Mecha manager done right.

User Rating: 10 | Armored Core: Formula Front PSP
Armored Core: Formula Front is the best PSP game yet on my list (Wipe Out Pure and Metal Gear Ac!d being on the list as well for me)
The game itself is not that hard. It took me less then 10 mins to learn the game with the help of the manual and the tour guide that is in the game.
I spent the next 2 hours testing the AI designing system. which is the best I have ever used in a game.
As for the manual controls, I have yet to use them or will I ever use them. That is not the reason I got the game. I got it becuse of the AI designing. I love the mecha manager feel to this game.
but I would be remiss if I did not say that this part of the game is not for every one. If you are looking for a mecha action game where you have complet control, then this is not the game. But if you like this type of game or are willing to give this a try. do get this. You will not regret it.
Last point goes to the main reviewer on two things.
1st load times. If you think the load times are bad in this game(I do not think so at all) Look to any PSP games out so far from EA.
2nd point. This game is action packed. He just could get past the menus to see it.