User Rating: 8.8 | Armored Core: Formula Front PSP
After so much delay, it's finally here. This portable Armored Core is probably the best in the series. Let's break it down to pieces:


The music at the menu can get annoying, I prefered the classics from previous Armored Cores. Other than this, you will find the sound effects and music right at home with the game.


This is one of the best looking PSP game so far. All the parts from Armored Core: Nine Breaker are here, all looking great. Fans or not, you will not be disappointed here.


My first impression of the gameplay was, "too easy!". My AC were equiped with dual grenade launchers, in the bottom league, it came out kicking metal asses all over the map. The IA tunning didn't take long at all to understand. It was all very basic, if you can scroll, you'll do fine. Of course, basic meaning it's user friendly, the IA tunning is very complex and rewarding when done right. Once I enter the Regular League, things became more complicated and more entertaining. You will find yourself spending a lot of time in your garage tunning your AC. If you go with AI, you'll find yourself spending lots of time there too.

The load time, as discussed, can get annoying as well, there will be an one second pause when you are switching in and out of the garage. And there will be a longer load time when entering a battle. Other than this, it's a perfect game. The option is switch between Human and AI control adds a lot of value to this game. Mastering Human control will be an uphill battle, the same can also be said about AI too, depending on your skill level.

I was too lazy to play, so I spend my time tunning the AI control. Finally obtained a all purpose AI AC. Once this is accomplished, the difficulty of the game dropped. So now, I am looking for some more worthy opponents. If you are a fan, go pick up one and let's duel it out!