come on

User Rating: 1 | Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol PS
Well needless to say the year was 2000 I was a froshmen in highschool and didn't have much extra cash and I saw this little gem for 9.99! of course I bought it and well I spent the next month and a half trying to beat this piece of junk! why did i spend so long on it, well I have a sickness the beat a game before i get a new one. So I spent months and months and got to good ol' vietnam and wanted to give up I mean the graphics were so bad that everything looked the same and more often then not an health back was just a distorted land mine. then the bugs oh my freakin' god why were people stuck in the trees. after I played for so long I finally beat it. I mean yes I was excited and I had beat this craptastic game and wanted to see the ending and what was it.... A PHOTOMONTAGE!!!!