haha i found this game...

User Rating: 1.9 | Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol PS
i remember i got this game for $5.99 at rogers video back in the year it came out and lets just say i couldent pass the first mission if my life depended on it... anyways i found it on new years in my closet in the corner with a ton of scratches dust cob webs on it... anyways i wanted to remember how games back then were so i poped it in and once again i couldent pass the first mission... this game is horrible.

the only thing that is good about it was the price and just a bit on sound but i know games that came out before this and are twice as better... i mean graphic wise you can tell the makers of this game didint give two **** about how the outcome would be... now i blame myself for playing it again

gameplay is a 2
graphics is a 1 so awful
sound a 2 as for value and tilt well i dont care for those...

reason i say this game is very hard and learning curve is 1 to 2 hours is becouse its too frustrating put it this way if you want a classic army game i reccomend army men 3D then this crap