Terrible. Thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 1 | Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol PS
This game isn't even good enough to rent even if it had a $10 price tag. The only way to beat the game if you're sick and tired of them stupid enimies is by doing infinite health. I mean, c'mon!!!!!!!!! Who wants to spend hours and hours trying to go several feet without enemies sniping at you!!!!!!!!! Lame!! LAME!!!!!!!!!! LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've played better games on my N64 like Goldeneye. I got my PS late after my 64 and the multiplayer on PS sucks!!!! Who came up with more sequels that were more terrible than this one. Can't people learn after there first mistake. $10 is still quite a bit of money to buy a game like this!!!!!!!!!!!