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Just wanted to chime in and say I got day 3 as well.
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Title: Super Stacker System: PS3/PSN Published by: SparkWorkz Developed by: SparkWorkz Genre: Puzzle Number of Players: 1-2 local only Release Date: May 25, 2010 Release Region: US (not sure about others) Proof: It's had a price drop since it came out. Was 9.99 but now is 6.99 (source: )
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Yeah, it's still happening for me. I just want to know my votes are being logged. Any official word on this?
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I posted this in the E3 forum but it may not be noticed there, so: I was voting for the E3 Readers choice and about a quarter of the way through it stopped showing me results and logged me out. So I went back, logged in, and started over and it's not showing me any results after voting. I want to know my votes are being counted. After voting, the vote section will fade slightly and then entire page reloads with the ability to vote again. Edit: and it keeps logging me out, seems that's the only way it takes my votes. Which makes no sense. Guess I should wait a few days and try voting then.
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I got my early bird, groupie, and tourist back. so now i have my 11 e3 emblems. thanks!
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I voted 10 et since i'm here on the east coast...but i'll try for earlier.
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well, i know you can install firmware from an external source like a flash drive so i was thinking it could possibly be downgraded. Oh well. Got willing 3.1 will be here within the month.
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That's what I figured. Nuts. This firmware is the epitome of gaudy ugliness. I don't care about the sparkles....but the friend's list, forced ticker, and a store icon everywhere is just awful.
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I hate 3.0 so much but... Can I got back to 2.8 and still be able to play online? some say yes, some say no. anyone know for sure?
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How many store icons do we really need? How about one in every category just to be safe. I don't usually bash unless it's warranted.. but what the [censored], sony...are you that stupid? what in the hell did you do to the friends list. really, what is this [censored] god. i don't have a slim, why should my system, boot up like a slim? are your firmware testers legally blind? this is horrible.