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Its never crashed once for me, the only problem i had was the download taking forever.

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@whatsazerg: Thats exactly what i would do, no point in waiting 2 weeks without a controller. At some point in time your going too want too have more than one controller anyways.

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Must be your controller because mine works fine

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Battlefield 4,cod ghosts, assassins creed and killzone

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Mid-Jan is what i got from eb games and every single place i called (edmonton) hasn't even got a second shipment yet

So i got mine off kijiji for +100$, im too impatient

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Cool idea i need too find more people too play with, none of my friends have a ps4 yet.

Username stinky_bomb

psn: RovancE

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I just created a silver gamertag for people who want to find others to play MW2 with. Just send a friend request to MW2 Pubs and invite anyone you want to get your party started.

Gamertag: MW2 Pubs

Everyone is welcome to add it and i check it frequently to accept new friend requests and to send messages.

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im dloading it on my PSPgo right now =)

it better work

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I need someone to help me trade some of my pokemon from platinum to heart gold. Just let me trade you a pokemon from my platinum then you trade it back to my HG, simple. I can trade you a decent pokemon from my plat after if you want or any TM/Item.

My plat FC
1934 6897 9165

My HG FC is
5413 9373 4701

Thanks in advance