PlayStation Users ID exchange Thread

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The tittle already explains it. Post your Gamespot user name and PSN ID and i will compile them in the original post, so everyone finds it easier to add people. Let us make some Gamespot Killzone and BF4 clans among many other fun stuff, Resogun coop perhaps.

Ok so like this example below

megaspiderweb09: tosyn_88

This way it makes it easier to know who you are adding to your friends list and you wont get a cluster of adds from people you are not familair with. It is important to add a message to your user request that you are from Gamespot so they know

Gamespot User NamePSN ID
1. megaspiderweb09tosyn_88
2. Flubbbsswaffles23
3. redskins2156solid_snake3656
4. ominous_titankobra_kai
5. JaysonguyJaysonguy
6. gamerguy1415BRIGHTEND-SHADOW
7. b-laneQBTRUEG
8. RealCamBamRealCamBam
9. mjf249BlindestNinja
10. neelu1Neelu-Face
11. Vincent380Graphicz380
12. Lord_of_TerransMecton101
13. Hatecalledlove ch40t1cd3lusi0ns
14. pero2008JimmyP_89
15. muller39Professor Rance
16. jhamilton1990 xEagleVisionZ
17. mgfarmermagicmikef
18. marcheegsrITALIANMOB
19. ZassimickZassimick
20. BluRayHiDefadrianst
22. zxPYROxzischitzengiggles
23. Kaze_no_MiraiBluesDrive-
24. The_Last_RideThe_Last_Ride992
25. rbamseyrbamsey Ry_Bams
26. SnugenzSnugenz
27. anzelmanzelm
28. webster1214Radcliffe1214
29. en3sgemacaco84.
30. hayato_b-smith
31. murstdurstzepekit
32. Super_King_FlyHomicide_17
33. hkymikeMikeyBoy02NY02
34. stinky_bombRovancE
35. MarcReconMarcRecon
36. Nightflash28Nightflash
37. -Rhett81-whiplash81
38. jukev2424 Juke_V24
39. JChowCHJChowCH
40. PinkiePirateSayPJ
41. bezza2011sberry87
42. MarcShirleyNBMShirley
43. Mordant221mordant320
44. TubaticaFlukbuk
45. Nonsoville2J45P3R_90s
46. Jr14Dark_Shadow_812
47. Game1st_2004willmo1122
48. kariyaninekariyanine
49. supernova8463supernova8463
50. Thajewbearthajewbear.
51. PurpleTheHazePurpleTheHaze
52. Whiteknight19splunkymunkey
53. Solid_Max13Warped13
54. RacethesunStellaR4758
55. SteamyPotatoesDestructy
56. CBCstillmaticaKa_DaShiznit
57. NoirLamia777NoirLamia777
58. Jags218ArSyN_28
59. JackmouveJackmouve
60. dogfather76Dogfather76
61. jasean79Six_String_Guru
62. AtomIronBrendan99050
63. theaprilramos21Theaprilramos
64. AliWunclerAliWunclerTheIII
65. killevkillev12
66. special-opsWaleedAkbar
67. skate_mentalskate_mental
68. Undue_InfluenceUndue_influence
69. gedi20lawrencehud
70. ferrabymouseferrabymouse
71. DigiTM64DigiTM73
72. pmase14HowDiddyDoesIt
73. IczerlionIczerlion
74. Hurricane_CoryHurricane_Cory
76. fichaud4145Samus4145
77. reddead123M_A_T_T_0_6
78. kingw12wase1212
79. Bigboi500Briguyb13
80. GamaqadraGamaqadra
81. kiulkyul85r3
82. reddevilsjpRedDevilSi1
83. jaenjaesJaeTheory
84. AndyTheGamer19AndyTheGamer19
85. LorenzoTheComicSukezaemon32
86. PurplehazingtonPurplehazington
87. VanguardWarriorSavageInstinct
88. ModernDayTitanXModernDayTitanX
89. noobslaya1993DARTH_PROPIPER
90. rockinpapaArminfella
91. SubaruJawnJawnation
92. alvinlclalvinlcl33666
93. gangstarappersouffe89
94. peewee711peewee_711
95. dogfather76Dogfather76
96. perphektUndeR--YouR--BeD
97. markgamerMark2k7
98. OctavianZardaOctaviusZarda

*Guys please can you post your gamespot user name right beside your PSN ID, it makes it more easier to compile, Thank You*

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Flubbbs: swaffles23... good idea im down for a BF4 clan

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@Flubbbs: PSN ID: solid_snake3656 right now I'm playing a lot of bf4 and madden 25

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my psn id is kobra_kai

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Thank you for doing this

I was going to throw one together but with the new launches and both consoles I just don't have time.

Jaysonguy: Jaysonguy

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gamerguy1415: BRIGHTEND SHADOW

Yes i realize brightend isn't a correct spelling, lol. I'd be happy to hear from any of you. I'm currently playing Cod ghosts, but i plan on getting battlefield, resogun, and killzone very soon. :)

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b-lane: QBTRUEG

I have NBA 2k14 and Live 14, BF4, KZ Shadowfall

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@gamerguy1415: Sorry I made a mistake. Its BRIGHTEND-SHADOW (dash in between)

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My gamespot username and psn I.D. are both RealCamBam

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@gamerguy1415 said:

@gamerguy1415: Sorry I made a mistake. Its BRIGHTEND-SHADOW (dash in between)

Edit your other post so people aren't confused

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GS: mjf249

PSN: BlindestNinja

Feel free to add me, playing Ghosts, and will be getting BF4, and Killzone.

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GS: neelu1

PSN: Neelu-Face

add me up

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GS: Vincent380


Playing Killzone NBA2K14 Need For Speed Resogun

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Well mine is in my signature, feel free to add me

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GS: Lord_of_Terrans

PSN: Mecton101

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Hatecalledlove - ch40t1cd3lusi0ns

Changing this up, I've got Trials fusion, Resogun, MLB14, FF14, Dead Nation.

I've also got Watch dogs paid off, going to be picking it up Monday Night.

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PSN ID: Professor Rance

I'm playing NBA2K14, Battlefield 4, Killzone SF, and Need For Speed Rivals.

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Gamespot. jhamilton1990 psn xEagleVisionZ

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GS: mgfarmer

Psn: magicmikef

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Zassimick :: Zassimick

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BluRayHiDef: adrianst

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feel free to add me, playing Killzone, Resogun, DC Online

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@The_Last_Ride said:

Well mine is in my signature, feel free to add me

Cant see it

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GS: zxPYROxz

psn ID: ischitzengiggles

Prefer to play with people that have a mic and 18+, add me

playing: Battlefield 4, Killzone SF, Need For Speed Rivals, and COD Ghosts

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With the dash at the end. Feel free to add me, just add a message saying you're from Gamespot so I know. :)

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@megaspiderweb09 said:

@The_Last_Ride said:

Well mine is in my signature, feel free to add me

Cant see it

The_Last_Ride992, surprising you can't see it

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Pin request granted.

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rbamsey Ry_Bams

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Snugenz: Snugenz

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GS: anzelm

PSN: anzelm

Playing Killzone and Resogun

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So far i have been able to add everyone except for muller39

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Add me! PSN= Radcliffe1214

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My Gamespot ID is en3sge and my PSN ID is macaco84.

I own a PS3 and a PS4 (although the latter is unfortunately being packed up tonight as it is my xmas present from the wife and I have "had enough time testing the damn thing now so put it back in its box" so she says...

I enjoy driving games, FPS, action and FIFA. I will be playing KZ, AC4 and FIFA from Xmas onwards.

At the moment I have zero PSN friends as I used to do all my multiplayer on Xbox 360 (I know, boooo!) but I want to become better networked on Playstation so welcome all friend requests :)

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GS: hayato_

PSN: b-smith

looking to add more friends for Destiny launch. I loved Halo Reach so i'll love this one.

I have Killzone, Need for Speed, and Assassins Creed IV.

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PSN: zepekit

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Super_King_Fly = Homicide_17

im from the UK

games so far FIFA 14, KZSF and BF4

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PSN ID: MikeyBoy02NY02

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Cool idea i need too find more people too play with, none of my friends have a ps4 yet.

Username stinky_bomb

psn: RovancE

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MarcReeeeeeeecon!!! lol....Seriously though, MarcRecon

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the first post should be updated :P

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@The_Last_Ride: Already done

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Cool, add me as well:

Nightflash28: Nightflash

TC: Maybe you could add the following to your post? If people send out invites here, please mention that you're from Gamespot, just so it's clear who you are.

I've been getting a lot of random and weird friend requests recently that I declined because it seemed like people confused me with someone else (calling me a different IRL name in their request).

I'm currently playing Killzone and I suck. :D
I see people mentioning Destiny; I'll be getting that as well, some more people to play with would be excellent!

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@Nightflash28: Done

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-Rhett81-: whiplash81

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GS: jukev2424 PSN: Juke_V24

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Both are JChowCH :D. Down for Killzone, Battlefield, N4S, even Lego Marvel Superheroes.

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My PSN ID is SayPJ.

Feel free to add me.