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well since you apologized I guess I won't have to take out my halberd :)
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I apologize for my absence I was captured by outlanders during a routine inspection of China. I was drinking with Zhang Fei when a horde of mindless soldiers came charging at me, Zhang Fei was more sober and he ran the heck outta there but unfortunately I was wasted and they tied me up. When I awoke I was sober and they placed me in front of a large glass screen and gave me a object made of a material I never heard of. They turned on the glass somehow and forced to play a terrible, unplayable mess they called Halo.

But I have returned after slewing my captors and throwing the ghastly Halo into the fire. I will work hard to erase my shame by guarding my post and write reports everyday.

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[QUOTE="jobo030"]the fact that they could concentrate on wei and not have to worry about shu made that battle a whole lot easier now that is not something u cant pick up in a book. try using common senseMr_Buttman

Liu Bei was never going to attack he never had any land at all use youre common sense Liu Bei barely had an army at all Liu Bei allied with them so Sum Quan could help Liu Bei out the Southland diidnt fear Liu Bei at all

use youre common sense the fact hat every time you defend Wei there easily is a gap


y[QUOTE="jobo030"]when the only way that wei can be beat is to have all the other factions gang up on them im pretty sure i know who is the best. JeffSteel

Oh really what about Chi Bi that was all Wu

What about He Fei and Han Zonhg and Wu Zhang Plains???

There actually really was no battle where there was 2 on 1 if you tell me one id be surprised


[QUOTE="jobo030"]i feel sorry for wu fansMr_Buttman

I feel sorry for Wei fans who have been permantly brain damaged into thinking Cao Cao is a good ruler when he lsot in Chi Bi, he Fei, han Zhong, Wu Zhang Plains, and countless battles that werent so hyped up

I feel sorry for the fact they have lame characters Xihao Dun and Dian Wei who have the speed of a tank

Take that back.

Or what or youre going to run from my dead body like Sima Yi did when he saw Zhuge Liangs dead body

If i remmeber correctly Zhuge Liang died and Sima Yi had Shu surrounded he was on the verge on ending Shu, but he retreated from Zhuge Liang even tho he was dead

So as a Wei fan obvious you could be a coward

If you want to talk about being a coward... Shu had freaking Liu Chan whose only defense was to crawl up into a little ball and start crying for mercy.


Lui SHAN was a foolish leader who was talked into doing anything Liu Shan was convinced by a eunuch that by pulling back Jiang Wei from war it would be better so he wasnt really a coward at all jsut foolish

While Siam Yi....


SIMA Yi was a pimp. Liu Chan/Shan/whatever was a turdburger.

Sun Ce on the other hand.....

lol youre jsut using youre opinion on Sima Yi while im using my FACTS

Whenver Sima Yi battle Zhuge Liang Sima Yi had perfect chances to win but he was too "cautious" every time he passed the woods he thought there was an ambush and all his officers wisely knew Zhuge Liang was tricking him and Sima Yi always said "We msut pull back, Zhuge Liang is full of schemes and mustve placed an ambush there"

He said that like 70% of the time he opened his mouth he never beat Zhuge Liang cause he was scared of him

Thats how the Wei Generals are Cao Ren was sooo scared of Guan Yu at Fan Castle

Zhang Liao bared himself in he Fei when Wu forces arrived

Sima Yi was scared of Zhuge Liang

Cao Cao practically had a heart attack when he saw guan Yu's dead body


Those aren't facts. Stories have been twisted and screwed over the past centuries so everything about "Cao Cao almost have a heart attack when seeing Guan Yu's dead body" etc etc etc is legend and can't be proven. Needless to say they're are stories Wei officers who had the same effect on people, Dian Wei's dead body to name one. What facts we do know is Sima Yi founded the Jin Dynasty, which later put an end to the Three Kingdoms Era and took control of China.


lmao ok one fact you proved wrong about the Guan Yu dead body thats it

Sima YAN foudn the Jin Dynasty Sima Yi was way dead and the way Sima Yi was always scared of Zhuge Liang was real

Lol thanks for proving my next point. Sima Yi had superior sperm to Zhuge Liang.

That arguments makes no sense youre just doing an epic fail with that random thing

(Never argued with a veteran)

Shu is clearly the best kindgom, since it has wom the vote by a lanslide, as it always does, as it always shall do. Things like "facts" and "evidence" are unimportant in the face of the almight poll results, which retroactively alter the past to fit its conclusion, whatever that past may have been.

I cant stop the fact there are 8 peaple in this union who have no sign of intelligence whatsoever so seeign the fact Shu won by the vote is only the luck of small minded peaple

They show no intelligence? look who is spelling people wrong :P


This thread is about voting for your favortie faction. Just because not everyone has the same opinion as hardy it doesn't mean they lack intelligence or are small minded.

??? i know that dude i know THAT!

i'm not sure about my intelligence, but thank god i have a scroll wheel on my mouse


There's an 'END' button on the computer for a reason... tards

what's the reason?

uuuuuuummmmmmmm so you don't have scroll all the way down with your mouse.

funny. i did a search for images using only 'smart' on google and all first page images were of this car:

It's starting to look like old times in here.

it must continue at all costs!

.....Eeeeeh MACARENA!!!


this thread must die!!!


NEVER!! Viva la quote!!

I still standby my previous statement: Liu Chan was a dickhead, Cao Cao is the definition of gnarly to the extreme, Gan Ning is a butt pirate, Sima Yi is hella tight, Zhuge Liang is also tight (in his nether regions, that is), Dian Wei is still da bomb, and all the others can go f*ck themselves.


Who would thought a favorite faction thread would turn out like this. We've only had about a thousand identicals threads to this before.


isn't this how they all go?

No, usually I just ignore them until something intersting happens.

well, the Steelman's threads always devolve to a series of "indeeds."

still need the scroll wheel!!


Press the "end" button on your computer to get to the end of the page, its quicker.

And to harden...


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OMG that the longest list of quotes I ever saw! :o I haven't been of this union long but it appears to me that a lot of people on this group don't like each other. I have an idea how about instead of fighting each other with words like a bunch of fools, we solve our problems the Zhang He way By telling each other how beautiful they are. :P

on topic: I would choose Lu Bu but he is not really a faction, while Wei has my second favorite character I like Shu the most overall

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Their number rise everyday we must destroy them soon or else the Pokemon will come into your bedroom while your sleeping and sexually harass you :o

The Pokemon must die!!! For Sparta... no China!

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What is with this hatred against Pokemon?

I'm kidding WIPE THEM ALL OUT!! look at these Hideous creatures

Pokemon Suck