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Hyping Games: Is it self-destructive?

Ahh.. it's 3 weeks until the next Call of Duty game, you already pre-ordered the prestige edition with a rainbow colored cap gun, you think about all of the days of hours you will put your life into it. As the days draw nearer your anxiousness increasing, constantly looking for the next trailer of gameplay to satisfy your desires. You imagine how the gameplay will be unmatched, the plot compelling and the latency lag-free. And when that game finally arrives on your door step, after calling all your friends(invisible friends count) as you set the game on your table you cut open that useless plastic wrapping that always annoys you. As you set the game in the console (or PC :P) you watch the opening sequence and as the hours fly by your still emerged in the game, as you sit down to finally eat something later something doesn't quite feel right and no it's no the peanut butter; you realize that this game isn't all you had hoped it to be.

This game is AWESOME!!

Sound like a familiar story? It's a story most people can relate to. (hopefully not to this degree though) When we find a game we desire often we start building our expectations to it, this is known as 'Hyping.' Hyping has many great benefits to it; it helps keep us entertained, encourages others to buy it and helps our low concentration in school become even lower. At the same time however sometimes it comes to bite us in the you know where when it doesn't meet those expectations.

Dragon Age II, a game with as many fans as haters. For me this was one of those games I admit have somewhat of an experience as paragraph one describes. To start, I never played Dragon Age Origins I actually watched about 2 videos of gameplay because in 2009 I guess I wasn't as interested in the 'hardcore' RPGs. This year however it spiked my interest, I watched videos, played the demo and asked a few friends if they were getting it. I hyped it up so much it actually threw me off balance when Gamespot gave Dragon Age II an '8', A friend finally persuaded
me to reconsider getting it a few hours later. I heard how legendary the first one was so I was riding on those high waves of hype, as I played the full game I loved it the hours I played it until when it finished; as I sat back and thought about the game I had a very unsatisfied feeling. One that could have been avoided if I hadn't hyped it as much as I did.


Of course they have been games where the complete opposite has happened. Has anyone ever heard of Dynasty Warriors? Of course you guys have because for better or worse 'hack & slash' games have had the infamous Dynasty Warrior presence creeping behind it for a long time now. I admit I enjoy dynasty Warrior games; not for the story, not for the characters and especially not for the not so varied gameplay. The reason I enjoyed it was for the simplicity of it. It was a game you could just pull out and anyone knew how to play in 5 minutes. When Dynasty Warriors 7 was approaching release date, I wasn't as excited as Dragon Age. I wasn't expecting a GOTY contender... Not even a 7.5 Gamespot score(still where is the review?) This game I was expecting the same bag of ingredients with a few surprises. To my pleasant surprise Dynasty Warriors 7 turned out not bad at all, quite good actually. One reason why I think I enjoyed it more then the others was simply because I sell myself to the idea of a great game and passed those expectations.

Now I know what everyone is saying: you can't stop yourself from hyping a game. I agree with you, I'm still going to mark out for Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim but at same time I'm not letting myself become attached to the idea that these games will surpass their predecessors. If they do surpass them then it will be Dynasty Warrior moment but if they don't well.. I'll be waiting for the enviable sequel. If there's one thing to remember about hyping game it's: "The higher you raise a game on a pedestal, the harder a game will crash should it fall."

I'm going to play my 48 hour free trail Xbox live account now, until next time happy gaming.

Note: Flamers, trollers, griefers
and fanboys are welcome here.

Dynasty Warriors 7 will be better than 6, says creator

The official Koei UK website did a video interview with the creator of Dynasty Warriors 6, producer Takashi Morinaka from Koei's internal development team Omega Force. The next game in the series, the Dynasty Warriors 7 hint, is quoted below. But another sequel won't come as a surprise to long-time fans of the Hack-and-Slash series.

Q: Are you satisfied with how Dynasty Warriors 6 turned out?
A:"I believe that we as developers have only begun to scratch the surface of what can be done with this new generation of consoles. Dynasty Warriors 6 has advanced in many areas and is the best we can do at this time. Still, fans [of the main Dynasty Warriors series] can look forward to even better games in the future."

Dynasty Warriors will live on forever!!!! :)

The Wii does not deserve this much credit

I genuinely don't like this system. I don't care for the oh-so-innovative controller, it feels weird and uncomfortable to me. I also don't care for the game library, there seems to be a lot of filler titles and Mario sequels, and an obvious lack of Mature titles. I loved Mario Kart & similar titles as a kid but not anymore. Not to mention I don't care for hyped up systems whose gamers go around insulting people for having a different opinion. You guys who tell people to grow up for having an opinion need to grow up. I would imagine a person who plays 10 hours a day of next-gen games in the basement of their parent's home knows video games really really well, so If that person believes the Wii sucks I am inclined to also agree. Bash me if it makes you stronger. Honestly you think being a stuck-up fanboy who hates on other fanboys makes you a man? Sure, whatever kids. I'm just saying the Wii is overrated. PS3, Xbox360, and the PC (yes, did you forget that PC plays games too?) are better systems in general, offering a greater variety of games in high quality.