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All I can say is... WHERE is Dixie Kong??

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I go through different karts, different wheels, different gliders, and some of them have the same stats as each other when looking at the little graph. Are some customizations only meant to be aesthetically different? Kinda lame if you ask me.

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Thanks for the comment! Can anyone else give their thoughts? I just want to be sure because I read somewhere that surge protectors and surge suppressors do indeed do different things.

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I need one for my iMac (which I use Steam for, among other obvious things). I looked around the house and found that I have this Belkin "surge suppressor" that is "330V." What exactly is this, and can I use it as a surge protector for my iMac? It's in the shape of a power strip, but the bottom say "Transient Voltage Surge Supressor 50E8."


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@nini200 said:

@mdk12345: Because they haven't come out with WiiU Player's Choice brand yet.

The lowest I've ever seen for a Player's Choice game was $29.99 which is still somewhat pricey and it was used. The game was Super Smash Bros. Melee. I know because I bought it a few months before Gamestop would stop selling PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox games. I almost raged at the cashier, lol.

That's because you were buying it when Smash Bros. Melee started becoming rare. When it was regularly on retail as Player's Choice it was $19.99.

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If you live near a main road, your room will get dusty regularly. My uncle had a store right next to a main road going out of town. His store was liquid cooled/heated via the floor, yet it still got really dusty from all the dirt blowing around outside. Not sure if your case is similar.

I wouldn't worry about dust regarding the Wii U. As long as the air ducts aren't matted over, I think you'll be fine. If you start getting concerned, take a can of compressed air and spray it out.

Hmm, yeah I do live in front of a kinda main road... How would it cause a dusty room even if my windows are closed though?

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@zeroyaoi said:

Try covering the wiiu when you're not using it. Other than that try to keep the area of the wiiu as clean as possible. I have cats and their hair hasn't killed any of my systems yet.

Hmm... do you cover your Wii U to protect it from the cat hair? :P

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This is actually what I was hoping for Luigi's final smash to be. The old final smash had no connection to Luigi at all. This one could be really cool. What I'm thinking it might do, is that you can run around as luigi with the Poltergust out, and it sucks up whoever is in your path, does damage to them, and shoots them out.

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And no I don't mean "collecting dust" as in not being used. My room is generally very dusty. I wipe the dust, and the next day it's there again. I have an air purifier, doesn't really do any good. I don't know why my room is so dusty. But anyway... Can the Wii U get damaged from collecting dust? Maybe when the vent sucks air into the Wii U, it's also sucking in the dust that's in my room? I try to wipe the dust off any time before I play (with a duster, it does the job, at least until the next day), but I'm just worried that the dust could be getting into the vents/crevices and cause damage in some way... I don't know, I'm paranoid. Do any of your Wii U's get dusty, and are you concerned? Share your thoughts with an OCD brotha.

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I've successfully connected my PS3 controller to my iMac and played Bioshock Infinite flawlessly. When I initially set my controller up with my iMac, I connected it with the USB cable, which paired the controller to the iMac. Then, I was able to disconnect the controller and use it wirelessly.

Now, I am able to reconnect the controller simply by pressing the PS button (wirelessly), and it works just fine. The problem is that the four red lights on the controller never stop blinking! The controller is connected to the iMac, but the lights don't stop blinking.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can stop the blinking? I can probably just reconnect the controller with the USB cable and the blinking will stop, but I'd rather have the convenience of re-connecting the controller wirelessly. Thanks so much!