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New Leaf: Freakiest neighbour ever...

I was already annoyed that I had 2 rabbits in my town because I want to have all different animals... and what do you know, a third rabbit moves in. But this time it's not your everyday rabbit. WHAT IS WITH THIS THING??! Makes me uncomfortable.


The New Super Mario Bros. games are always enjoyable to me

I know it feels like they're miking the cow with all these New Super Mario Bros. games nowadays, but honestly, they're fun. I love the level design, the enemies, the colors and bright bubbly atmosphere of it all. Just plain fun. I just recently beat Mario Bros. Wii for the first time a couple weeks ago and I'm on the Wii U one now, gotta say I'm surprised by how I'm not sick of it at all!

After my first few days with the Wii U...

I got a Wii U a few days ago, played a bit of Nintendo Land and Mario Bros. U... I like it. I'm a Nintendo fan so it's a bit biased. Still, I'm not impressed. The gamepad feels cheap, I would've preferred actual trigger L and R buttons.

While Miiverse is cool, the best part about it is admiring people's drawings. The rest is just people writing "cool game," "hard boss," etc.

The Gamepad honestly does seem like a gimmick to me. Aside from some interesting uses in Nintendo Land, it's been annoying. Often the TV just tells me to look down and use the gamepad, meaning my TV is just sitting there doing nothing. Other times it's just wasting battery because it's just working as a second TV screen.

Finally, the obvious one is that Nintendo is releasing this hardware so late. We all know that. But whatever, I'm really excited for Pikmin 3!! :D

My experience with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

I already mentioned this in a thread on the 3DS forum, but I'd like to mention it again... it'll be short.

While I enjoyed Dark Moon, I was really disappointed. Luigi was way too much of a baby, I hated the fact that it was done in levels where you go back to your base after every mission, and I felt like Nintendo really Disney'd it up with the less appealing ghosts and overall atmosphere. Even the music was disappointing compared to that of the original. Dark Moon was a lot more forgettable unlike the original which had plenty of memorable moments, areas, and bosses.

Again, it just felt like a disappointing attempt to bring the Luigi's Mansion theme back. That's just me. It didn't need a sequel if you ask me.

My small backlog, and games I've quit on.

So before I get a Wii U, I want to complete this backlog that accumulated because I went on a retro-gaming spree over the past few months... This is a pretty small list because I actually quit on a few games in my backlog because of lack of interest.


-Metroid Prime 3

-Mario Bros Wii (still haven't bought it, it's selling for $60 here in Canada, I'm planning on getting it cheaper some way or another)


-Chrono Trigger (this game feels really outdated when I play, I know I'm late to the party, but I'll try and get through it...


-Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

So yeah, I quit on Metroid Prime 1 and 2 (yeah yeah, I know) because I honestly couldn't get into them. I hated the empty, bare atmosphere, and also hated backtracking in environments that I found pretty bland. Don't hate me.

I also quit on F-Zero GX, got that game for free a while ago, and I didn't have patience to get through it.

Also quit on Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles because again, it felt a bit bland to me.

And finally, you will definitely hate me for this... I quit on Xenoblade. I honestly hate that game. Awful graphics and physics, hated the voice acting... RPG's aren't really my thing, I guess, unless they're Pokemon or Mario. But yeah, that's it! What about you guys?

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Rant

Before I start this very short rant, I'll admit that this was my fault. Nevertheless, I am annoyed!

Last night I was playing New Leaf very late at night (don't ask), and I was at the island fishing. I caught a full inventory of different fish and insects, it took me a couple hours to get as many different ones as possible. I COULDN'T STOP!!

So anyways, as I was playing, I was literally about to fall asleep because it was so late (was starting to walk into trees in the game because I was half-asleep). Don't ask.

So I finally decide to leave the island to save. So naturally, I leave the island with my inventory of newly caught creatures. But when I get back to my town... I see that all my caught fish and bugs are GONE!! All because I didn't realize I had to put them in the basket at the island, which would have transported them to my town. So I pretty much lost 2 hours because of that.

I can't quite remember if the game told me about this basket before I left the island because I was half-asleep, and I was rapidly pressing A to get through everyone's conversations. Funny, I love how Kapp'n realized I was rapidly pressing A, and he stopped singing. Nice touch.

So again, probably was my fault, but had to get that out.

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