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And I got it off a steam sale lol xD. Love those things! 

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Game came out a year and half ago and got consistently negative reviews.  How could anyone ingnore those, get the game, and be surprised that the game sucks?  Did you think that there have been patches to make it suddenly not suck?  Or did you think that all the critics had some kind of secret conspiracy against this game?

No, I am not interested in your review.  Just like you apparently were not interested in all the other reviews already this game had.

Game reviews do not always determine the quality of a game, in fact game reviews are simply a way for people to give their opinion. It is possible that a game can have the lowest score ever, but in your opinion it could possibly be one of the best games you played. Game reviews are simply an impression and extension of what you think about a game. A true gamer respects other people's opinions but leaves their mind open enough to view a game how they see fit. And I did not read the other reviews because I did not want my final score to be influenced by other people's scores. Come on man, no need to hate lol.
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Yeah, actually I've been looking into Sam and Max for a while, and I've always wanted to try it. YOu guys know anything about it? Is it like a a series of different games? Or does it follow a certain order? Cuz I've seen so many different Sam and Max games xD. And thanks for bringing up Back to the Future, I completely forgot about that one. I need to try that one out too :)
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There were a few moments in Jurassic Park The Game that did add on a bit to the original Jurassic Park Movie, but... it's just not enough to fully recommend this game hahaha xD. 

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You know, I went into Jurassic Park The Game thinking that it would be similar to The Walking Dead. Memorable characters, tough moral decisions, you know all the good things that made Walking Dead awesome... but, I was completely wrong hahaha xD. The characters were stale, the story jumped every where, and the control scheme was just disastrous and clunk. *Shuders* Here's my review on Jurassic Park Game if you guys are interested. What did you guys think of the game?


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Lol xD. Channel boosting? Hahaha :P. 

I wonder what gamespot's policy is on posting your own youtube videos here? I know I've posted a lets play on here before, and they considered it blatant advertising. But would the same thing apply to a game review? Well only time will tell hahaha xD. Plus I am really curious about your guy's opinion on the game. 

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Oh man, Dead Island Riptide.... I honestly felt that Dead Island Riptide was more like a beefed up DLC rather than a full fledged sequel. In my opinion, the bugs/glitches/etc held the game back from its full potential, but I thought it was rather enjoyable. Especially for those who enjoyed the first game. 

Here's my take on the game :).

What did you guys think about the game?

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Riptide, to me personally, didn't really add anything new to the original Dead Island. But it was still a pretty enjoyable game... if you're playing with a group of friends xD.

What are your guys' thoughts on Dead Island Riptide? :)

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I personally freakin' love the game :). It's fast paced, Tower Defenese game and has a lot of style and streamlined gameplay to go along with it :D. 

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I've only played the 2nd on Wii, but it was enjoyable, gets really tense though, some of the time limits are a little too frustrating for me to enjoy the mid levels :P

Gets intense!? Oh boy *Cracks knuckles* It's about to get real! hahaha