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New Gamespot Profile :)

What's up you guys! This is pspitus aka Tubbymora from RatedSTARZ, and I just wanted you guys to know that from now on I will be posting updates/videos/etc. in the new gamespot profile I created :). Please feel free to track/follow me there if you guys are interested in keeping up to date with these game review videos :). If not, then it's all good home slice :D

The reason I've decided to switch is because this profile has been active since 2006, and it is literally cluttered and messy, and there are a lot of inactive blogs/friends and it's just been difficult to manage. I think a fresh new gamespot profile would be better for the RatedSTARZ channel afterall :).

With that said, I hope to see you guys on the other side! :D

Making the Comeback! :) Let's Review series! Orcs Must Die 2/Psychonauts

What's up my gamespot buddies! :) As many of you guys predicted, I'm back lol. So when I left back in Jan of 2013, I left because I was having issues balancing my life, college work, YouTube, etc. It literally felt like I never had time to do everything. But over the past 4+ months, I have come to understand the process of creating balance within one's life. I understand that it is possible to do everything you love, but it's important to keep everything in moderation. 

So yeah, I'm back! :D *Throws welcome back cake at everyone* Lol. And I'm here to pick up where I left off :).

As you guys know, I have a youtube gaming channel called RatedSTARZ, and we use to specialize in Lets Plays, and gaming playthroughs.... but... after a while, I kind of felt like these Lets Plays were dragging on far too long, and that there were too many of them out there. Plus, I felt that there were so many games I wanted to share with our viewers that the lets plays just kept getting in the way.

So I switched the gaming channel from Let's Plays to Let's Review :).

These game reviews that I've been creating aren't the most "professional" or the most "informative", but I wanted to create game reviews that were nice, short, and humorous :). Many of them range from 3 to 5 minutes allowing it to be more accessible to people :D.

So without further ado, here are my two most recent game reviews. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did making them, and with that said, I will see you guys next time, in the next Let's Review! :)

Let's Review!: Orcs Must Die 2


Let's Review!: Psychonauts


Limbo and a farewell :)

Rated STARZ Gaming Channel


It's been quite the journey you guys. I met some awesome friends here on gamespot, and all of you have been very supportive of me :D.But I'm sad to say that my blogging days here on gamespot are officially coming to an end. Now don't get me wrong, I will still be on gamespot from time to time, but I don't think I will be making blogs anymore to talk about RatedSTARZ and the gaming videos :(.

With my last year of college starting up, and me being leader of The League of YouTube Gamers, and channel director of MPDnation (another small gaming channel community where we help others). I am REALLY in a bind for time :(

With that said, I thank everyone who has supported me since the start of RatedSTARZ, and I hope you guys continue to check me and my family's gaming content from time to time :).

If you still want to keep in touch with me you can either find me lurking around on the RatedSTARZ youtube page or at the League of YouTube Gamers website :D.

League of YouTube Gamers Website

But before I leave, I remember promising you guys Limbo! :) And I never break a promise! So without further ado, here is the last video I will be linking to gamespot :) And don't worry there is still more to come! :D

Let's Play! Limbo (Episode 1: The Dark, The Bleak, and The Ugly)



Again, thank you everyone for all the support you have given me, and my family! :) I hope I see you guys around youtube or even the League website :D. With that said, farewell my gamespot buddies! :D

Resistance Fall of Man, Stitch that Crap Up, and Eat My Non-existant Shorts! XD

Rated STARZ Gaming Channel


Hey, what's up you guys! :D Tubbymora here from RatedSTARZ, and I just want to say sorry for not updating you guys about what has been going on recently. As some of you may know, RatedSTARZ ran into some "issues" with a gaming channel community and... you know what, it's okay. Don't worry about it you guys :). It's over, and I think it's time to just move on :D.

Anyways, I have a great selection of awesome new gaming videos :D if you guys are interested :). I apologize in advance, cuz I know many of you have been waiting for Limbo for quite some time now:lol:. And if you guys are wondering why it's taking so long for these Limbo episodes to come out, it's because I have so many videos ready to be posted that I got to make sure I post them first before I forget :P.

So without further ado doo, here are the latest gaming videos from newest to oldest: :D

Let's Make Stuff!: M5A2 Folsom Carbine (Resistance: Fall of Man)

Let's Play!: Trauma Center - Second Opinion (Episode 1: Stitch that CRAP up!)

Let's Play!: Bart Simpson's Naked Skate (Eat my Non-Existant Shorts!)

Again, I would like to thank everyone for always supporting RatedSTARZ! :) I really appreciate it, and I promise you guys! The next video will be Limbo! :D. Cuz I think I've made everyone here wait long enough XD.

The League of YouTube Gamers! :) We help small youtube gaming channels! :D

Rated STARZ Gaming Channel


What is up you guys!? :)

Thanks for all of you who left a comment in my last blog, and thanks for the continuous support for the RatedSTARZ gaming channel, I really appreciate it :D.

Anyways, you guys have seen me posting a lot of gaming content here on gamespot. :)

And I was wondering if any of you guys have a youtube gaming channel, or are planning on starting one up?

If so, and you want to be part of a youtube gaming channel community, or if you want to see a variety of different content from a bunch of different youtube gamers, check out the EPIC video that I quickly made for the League of YouTube Gamers.

The League of YouTube Gamers- We Want to Help the Small Gaming Channel Community!

If you guys don't know about the League, I run it with my buddy LegacyDealer, and on the channel we showcase small gaming youtube channels every day that deserve a chance at the spotlight.

And please, ignore all the hater comments on the video, and don't feed the trolls. There are some guys who REALLY don't like me because I left their joint youtube channel (a youtube gaming channel where multiple members post), and they are after me because they think I created the League to make fun of them, and they think I'm copying them :(. They won't let it go, so I decided to just let it go myself.

Anyways check out the video you guys! :) And leave me a comment, or send me a personal message if you guys are interested! :D

The Finale of Um Jammer Lammy (Plus final thoughts on the game :D)

Rated STARZ Gaming Channel

"We Play Games... so you don't have to! :P"


First, before I get into this blog, I just want to personally thank each and everyone one of you for your continuous support of my gaming channel (RatedSTARZ). Everyone, all my cousins and my sister, at RatedSTARZ also wanted me thank you guys as well. :D

It has been a long, strange, and hilarious journey you guys. But we have finally reached the end of Um Jammer Lammy :). Thank you guys for watching, leaving comments, and subscribing to my channel. I really appreciate it! :D

So without further ado, here is the FINAL episode of Um Jammer Lammy! :)

(All views, likes, and subscriptions are always welcome!:D )

Let's Play!: Um Jammer Lammy (FINALE Episode 7: Ultimate Star Power!)


We've seen Lammy play a variety of things through our Lets Play series. She's played a vacuum, a fire hose, a baby (wtf!?), an airplane, a chainsaw.... and now... in this final episode... she actually plays a... wait for it... pause for dramatic tension...


Holy cow, the world must be ending:P. Oh wait, we survived the end of the Mayan calendar, so that can't be it :P.


Final Thoughts on Um Jammer Lammy:

Um Jammer Lammy has been quite the experience (first time I played it :P), and I'm so glad that I was able to share it with everyone here on gamespot and on youtube :D. The songs were catchy, the story was downright ridiculous, and Lammy's CRAAAZY antics kept me and everyone on their feet. In each new episode that came out, I was always wondering- WHAT CRAZY THING IS LAMMY GOING TO PLAY NEXT!?:lol:

It was a blast you guys, and I'm glad you guys were with me every step of the way :).

With that said, I will be posting a review on the game pretty soon in honor of Um Jammer Lammy. :) Hope you guys are looking forward to that! And before I forget, thank you guys for watching my last game review Catherine :). It seems like people are enjoying the game reviews, and I will continue to make them :).

I wasn't expecting it, but somehow, Um Jammer Lammy is the FIRST game series ever completed on the RatedSTARZ gaming channel! HOOOORAY!

*Throws confettit into eyeballs and starts crying with tears of joy*


With Um Jammer Lammy completed, here's a nice little update on what to expect next from RatedSTARZ in the future:

-Let's Play: Ni No Kuni, God of War Ascension, Dead Space 3. (I'm very excited to play these games on our channel, and I'm very excited to share our gaming experiences with you guys on these upcoming titles :D)

-Let's Play: The Walking Dead (My sister has never seen, played, or even heard of anything about this game. I was going to do it myself, but I had already played the series, and I thought it would be interesting if my sister tried to take a whack at it :D)

-Let's Play: Limbo (This has been very requested, and I'm not going to ignore you guys :D.)

-Let's Play: Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time (I have always loved the Ratchet and Clank series, so I thought creating a Let's Play on it would be the right way to commemorate how awesome it is)

-Let's Play!: Akai Katana (A very strange Japanese game that is seizure inducing fun. There are only two episodes in this Let's Play, but it was very fun to play with my cousins)

-Let's Play: Trauma Center Second Opinion (A very fun game, and very underrated as well. This was a blast to play with my sister, and we already have a couple of episodes ready for you guys)

And many more! :D


Again, thank you guys for watching, thank you guys for subscribing and remember...

"We Play Games... so You Don't Have to!" :P

Let's Review!: Catherine (Video review included :D )


Catherine has been, without a doubt, one of my favorite girls err... I mean games :P I have played this year :D. An engrossing storyline, adult themes, great puzzle style gameplay, superb voice acting- I absolutely loved the game :). If you guys haven't heard of Catherine, or have been wondering about it, check out my game review :)

Here is a link to the video review if you guys are interested and don't feel like testing out your reading skillz :P

With that said enjoy! :D

(All views, likes, and subscriptions are always welcome :D )
Let's Review!: Catherine

Here is also the link to the original written review as well :D

Let's Review!: Catherine

To cheat or not to cheat... why yes... that is the question. And it is also the theme for the game Catherine. *whispers* By the way, you probably shouldn't cheat especially if you don't want to get the shivic beaten out of you.... anyways let's get back on topic XD. In Catherine you play as Vincent Brooks, a 32 year old male who has been taking life one day at a time. He has no future goals. He has no plans. All he wants is things to stay the same. And by same, I mean continue to hang out with his friends at the bar and drink so much until he experiences liver failure. :P.

Vincent Brooks has been with his beloved girlfriend Katherine (Katherine with a K) for five years now. And while things have been going pretty good... Katherine feels like it's time to take their relationship to the next level. Moving in together, marriage, children, etc... in other words... commitment. The thing Vincent fears the most. One night, Vincent meets a hot young blonde bombshell name Catherine (Catherine with a C), and "accidently" has a one night stand with her after a hard nights work of drinking at the bar. Unable to believe what he has done, and unable to face the guilt, Vincent must decide if he wants to save what's left of his relationship with Katherine (Katherine with a K) or start fresh with his hot new dream girl, Catherine (Catherine with a C). And he has to do all of this while surviving night after night in this horrific dream where he has to climb a mountain of blocks while dodging traps, sheep, and and.... okay... I'm going to stop there before I confuse you guys any further :P.

Catherine is a weird game especially when it comes to its story elements. But it's the weirdness of the game that gives off an undeniable charm that can easily hook anyone. Once someone starts playing, they'll want to keep playing to find out what happens next in Vincent's melodramatic love life.



I bet all this talk of romance, drinking, marriage, and baby making (oh yeah!) is giving off the vibe that Catherine is a full fledged dating simulator. Nope. Not even close. Catherine is actually a... dare I say it... a puzzle game! DUM DUM DUUUUUUUUUUM! Hey, get back here, don't you dare turn off this video! Before you get your underwear tied in a knot, hear me out. While it may turn some people off (hehehe see what I did there), Catherine is a great puzzle game from top to bottom.

A huge bulk of the game involves Vincent climbing/pushing/pulling blocks to reach the top of a level or area. Sounds easy right? Hahaha, you couldn't be far from wrong. Just like chess, while the concept of moving blocks is easy to grasp, it's another story when it comes down to mastering the game. This game will make you think. Add in special trap blocks into the mix, and strategic boss battles, and your brain will be needing surgery long after the game has ended. The puzzles in Catherine will brutally beat you down, but just like Dark Souls, the unrelenting challenge is what will drive you to keep pushing forward. Either that, or make you rage quit hahaha!

When you're not testing your brain power during the puzzle levels, you'll spend the rest of your time at the Stray Sheep, Vincent's favorite place to hang out with his friends and knock back a couple of brewskies. It is here where the game starts to feel like a dating sim hahaha. At the bar you can perform a variety of activities such as talk to your friends, get advice, mingle with bar customers, play an arcade game, use the jukebox, and use the toilet to look at dirty pictures that Catherine sends you... :P. Yeah... and that's not even the sexiest pictu- all right moving on hahaha.

Catherine does a great job in blending and mixing these two gameplay styles, puzzle solving and hanging out at the bar, and brings it all together into one cohesive and memorable gaming experience.



Catherine is absolutely beautiful. Both the character and the game hahaha! Just like Catherine, the game is sleek, sexy, and drop dead gorgeous. Catherine utilizes a vibrant cel shaded style of graphics, and it matches the look, and feel of the entire game. The art direction is visually freaky, and at the same time, visually stunning. From the character design to the environment design, everything is top notch. There aren't that many girls that look and feel this way, and that's not a bad thing. Hahaha, oh wait did I say girls? I meant to say games... you know what... let's just move on hahaha.



Shoji Meguro, the mastermind behind the music of the Persona series, does it again. The in-game music is absolutely amazing. He takes traditional classical music and gives it his own unique modern twist. Don't be surprised if you find yourself humming, bobbing your head, and just standing there to engulf yourself in the amazing soundtrack that Shoji Meguro fabricated himself.

The voice acting is also top notch, and Laura Bailey (the voice actor of Catherine with a C) plays her role as a seductive temptress, very nicely. With a strong cast of voice actors, and believable voice acting, this is one performance you'll never forget. The characters feel real, and it's almost as if you're there sitting there with them knocking back some beers and discussing Vincent's love life problems.



Overall Catherine does not disappoint, if you know what I mean! *cough* Sorry about that. With great puzzle elements, an engrossing storyline, catchy music, and top-notch voice acting, you'd be crazy not to fall in love with Catherine. You know what they say, how do you know if you like her if you don't try her, errr I mean it... you know...the game... okay you know what let's just announce the score.

Final Score:

Catherine gets 8.5 ruined relationships out of 10.

My sister plays a horror game by herself for the first time XD

Rated STARZ Gaming Channel


My sister, also another member of RatedSTARZ, (Yo Mama) finally musters up the courage to play a horror game by herself... and boy... did she pick one scary game to start with:lol:

She decided to play a point and click horror game, and she was absolutely terrified XD. And she has a good reason to be! :P. When I tried to help her edit the video, even I was afraid to look at the screen because this game was absolutely freaky:?

The worst part about point and click horror games is that there are A LOT of opportunies for quick jump scares. And I'm not really sure if that's a good thing or bad thing:lol:

And the final minutes with the grudge looking girl.... oh gawds...

Anyways here's Yo Mama's very first horror game video by herself. :) Enjoy you guys! :D

Let's Play!: The House (Finale Episode: DON'T OPEN YOUR EYES!)



Thank you guys for watching and support us! :)

And remember...

"Yo Mama plays horror games so you don't have to suffer like her! :P "