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i agree if the wii u is to come out in 2-3 months info on this damn system needs to be released pronto.
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both are great games. AA i think had the overall better structure of a story. AC was a little more all over the map. AC though was a little less predictable. though honestly the story isnt that good after being ruined by the past few years with the dark knight movie trilogy. i do wish the AC had some batcave use and i wish both games use the bat flying mobile and the batcar. i'd say AC was the better game cause it played better. i hope the sequel includes the bat vehicles and all of gotham.
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Where were the parents? chilly-chill
watching the Operah winfrey channel???
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i might pay 300 for it. but i'd really love nintendo if it was 200
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Assuming we're talking strictly about just the Nolanverse:


1.) Yes but it would be a close fight. However, I would see that, if Ra's was alive, he would turn to Batman for help.

2.) Bane and the Joker would be at odds. Joker wanted chaos and disorder, Bane was following Talia but if it was just Bane, maybe they would have been tolerant of each other.



[spoiler] For number 2, Joker would have wanted Talia to join him, and Bane wouldn't have been pleased about that... [/spoiler]

[spoiler] What makes you think that Joker would have wanted Talia to join him? [/spoiler]

my guess would be for more chaos.
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LOL what is this....so much fail. though a game like that would be interesting. a universal rule though? no piss off
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good news in off topic??? what is this..
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i wish myspace was still around so much cooler looking than facebook. also didnt have these constant stupid twitter like updates. either way i fully support anybody that wants to kill twitter and facebook and myspace.
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[QUOTE="Stavrogin_"][QUOTE="vgm007"]I'd hate to have my boss find out after I get hired... companies usually put in a disclaimer on applications that state "fraudulent information on your application/resume will result in termination if hired" that you have to sign. So yeah, that is silly. EDIT: Oops, misread the thread. Still, that disclaimer should still apply in this case.

But you wouldn't have gotten the job if you didn't lie, so what's the loss anyways?

not neccessary still quite the epic business lol
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What now?



at least get a camera