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i embrace the darkness but my little 17 yr sister is scared of it any i always tease her.
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i love CV games i have sense the 80ies i even didn't mind the ps2 games but i hate the lord of shadow games and inless this game some how ends up being ta great CV game i may get it when its drops to 20$.
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i'd rather have more marvel ones just having more tables is awesome and it sounds like some are going to be modeled after real penball tables so that is pretty cool.
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i would love to have 2 but at this point i don't see it likely for all they released the first game back in dec of 08 and they have just nearly stopped releasing ps1 games but its up to konami if it comes out, now for 3,4,5 a lot of companies have been supporting ps2 psn games but if they never release 2 then konami may not feel like releasing the other games.
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normally i buy both and support digital more but i have a small sd card at this time so i stick with retail on the 3ds at this time
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i am thinking of 5 of them but the best i can do is have 2 are tied animal crossing and pokemon... or is it kirby or metroid.... damn i'll go with kirby.
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i am a long time FF fan and i thought the game isn't that bad, it starts out slow but after the classes are unlocked it gets better the story is a bit weak but most final fantasy games the story is the weak point.But then again i really disliked FFX to this day its been the one of the few FF game i never finished so maybe my like X-2 is based off my dislike for X.
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not everyone likes call of duty games
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so far i only bought warp it was a game i wanted then it came out but ending up forgetting about and i am enjoying it
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at this point i'll believe it when it happens i'd rather have it in hd but whatever its still the best gta game