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whinny gamers

i can't stand cowards in a game, the team i am in is losing by a little but because they have more kills then we do people want to give up and cry about it, god why do they even play a online pvp game if they cry about losing and want to give up, hell we were closer to winning but because the other team had more kills and i guess maybe better players then some of are people everyone wants to give up and cry about it like whinny babies

death death and more death

anyone that knows me they know that i am not that big on blogs or sharing my personal life with anyone but yesterday was a odd day first of all its the the day that my dad died last year and i find out that my cousin died yesterday morning in his sleep so now its the day that two of my family died on and its hard not to wonder if its personal grudge that fate or death has for me

i could use some advice from my fellow gamers

i am thinking of getting a psp this weekend i have sorta always wanted one and with gamestop deal starting on sunday its hard not to want one, and theres a nice number of psp games Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep persona 1,2,3 Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble thats just to name a few of them but i am not sure if i want to play them that bad and sure i could wait for the vita but its a more of a ds knock off with a single screen and a bit pricey


its sad i use to be able to stand up proud when i talked about capcom but now days they stopped making games half as good as last gen and then they focus on tons of dlc and now they cancellled mml3 i am done with supporting them and i hope they find out how idiotic they are

random comment

i must be weird i can't stand watching commercials but i can spend 2+ hours watching vintage commercials from the 50ies to the mid 90ies

i am a man that gives in to childhood loves

ever since i watched the first animated movie fist of the north star in the 80ies i fallen in love with the series even the really bad live action one in the 90ies i loved and recently i picked up the game fist of the northstar kens rage and by all means its not a great game but i love the hell of it