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There are still gonna be AI enemy's. anyways more isn't always better and considering this game is going to be very unique we will just have to wait and play it ourselves to so if it works right. Respawn said 6 v. 6 was the best fit so I will trust them till I play it myself

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What do you want to see?

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@El_Zo1212o: yes and as I've thought about it you are right! I should have compared it to the BBC version.

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Hey guys if you haven't checked out this game yet you need to, its a straight survival game.

I backed it on kick starter not to long ago and trying to generate some buzz.

Check it out!



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People are just really competitive just like if they were playing any game football, basketball, etc. People want to win period or at least have a chance. Now there is a point where it just gets ridiculous and people do need to calm down, but it mainly happens because people feel like they get cheated.

Just think about a time you played a game, like if you've played a fighting game and your opponent just starts destroying you and you cant even move. Just think were you upset that you lost? Or that you feel like you didn't even have a chance.

In my opinion people should be a little less angry when it comes to games, Because games should be fun! But when you feel like you didn't even have a chance at winning it feels like the extreme opposite of fun and it leads to a lot of frustration. Some people just take it to an extreme level of anger which is unfortunate.

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If anyone has read The circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker I think those could make some really interesting and fun games.

For a t.v show I think Robin Hood would be an awesome idea for a game, but if you could make it a little more dark and epic. That would be awesome!!

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KotOR is probably my favorite. But I think I had the most fun with Force Unleashed. I said this in another thread already, but I'm well aware that it's a broken mess of a game. But it sure was a fun broken mess. There was just something crazy fun about Force grabbing a Stormtrooper, hurling your saber into it, shocking it with Force lightning, then hurling the still twitching remains into even more Stormtroopers.

Completely agree!

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We know that they are working on it. Lets just leave it at that, they will announce when they feel they should no petition will change that.

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I recently got into an argument with a friend of mine about this topic. In my opinion its KOTOR hands down, He said Battlefront (Which is a great game don't get me wrong) but it got me thinking what do you guys think?

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All consoles will have a rough patch it has been that way for the last few generations, and it will be that way into the next. Just hold out it will slowly get better and better!