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Hey guys,do you like battles saying which one is better and who is a better character?If so check out my series on my youtube channel Who is better/Which is better. Here is the link to my latest video,check out the other ones I uploaded to and be on the look out for more. Link to my newest:
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[QUOTE="clock0"]Im getting the 2DSGamerofMario1

Make sure to tell us your impressions of it when you get it!

You got it! ;)
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Im getting the 2DS
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Anymore questions anyone?
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Hello everyone I know its sad to see the unions go :( I don't want them to and none of you do either
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On zetaboards, or as a public board? I can understand not being as active, since a zetaboard is completely seperate from this site. But I am willing to give it a shot.GamerofMario1
I don't even know what ZetaBoard is,maybe slogan yams was right about moving this union to its own site.
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[QUOTE="The_Last_Ride"]I hope this union will be around when i get my Wii Ugame-ster23

Judging by voting, we'll probably move to a public board, but we might do zetaboards, too.

I feel that's best, though I won't be as active as before.

I hate to say it but I might not be as active too :(
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What do you think of the new banner?

What state do you live in?

Do you own any music albums?

Wario or Bowser?

1.Its pretty good and makes sense,since the union is moving 2.Connecticut 3.On my iPhone 4.Bowser
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[QUOTE="clock0"]I won the award for most off topic member? When have I ever been off topic....besides the time I got in a conversation with Drybones901 when he won the hotseat and I got talking to him asking him if he had a PS3 ID or Xbox user name...and GS23 said finish the conversation in a personal message....well thats just 1 time....well also besides those times I posted links to random videos...and the time I....Ok ok I get it I really am the most off topic member :( but at least I won 1 award and was a runner up for another 1.But I guess I really was off topic in this union. But hey if you think I really was off topic in this union please raise your handGamerofMario1

The Off Topic Award was not a bad award, like a Razzie, but a good award. It just means that you frequent the off-topic threads a lot, which is not a bad thing. The Off Topic award means that you are active and a contributing member.

oh,thank you for telling me that I feel so much better :)
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If there was a time to ask last minute questions it would be now :P