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So Long Gamespot

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Sorry guys but Gamespot's new update pisses me off,Im leaving it.But I promise I will visit you guys just no more blogs.Maybe one day if Gamespot gets rid of this update or makes a better one I'll come back.But for now bye.


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*Person walks in bar*

Person:I'll take a whiskey

Person:*Walks over towards pianist*

Person:Wow you are a great pianist player

Person:*Walks over towards other guy*

Person:Is that your guy over there playing the piano

Person 2:Yes he is but he is only 8 inches but still plays good

Person:Where did you get him

Person 2:a Genie,they grant any wish

Person:Where is the Genie

Person 2:Over there at the end of the bar

Person:*Walks over towards Genie* Genie i want 1 wish

Genie:Ok what is it

Person:I wish for a million bucks

Genie:Ok *Grants wish*

*A bunch of ducks start flying over the bar:

Person:*Walks over towards Person 2* Hey what the heck l I asked for a million dollars not a bunch of ducks

Person2:Oh yeah I forgot to mention the Genie has a hearing problem,because I didn't actually wish for a 8 inch pianist.

Marvel Or DC Universe

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This weeks episode of which is better on my youtube channel is Marvel Vs DC Universe NOTE: PLEASE LEAVE SUGGESTIONS I NEED MORE REQUESTS :)

Bowser or Eggman?

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This weeks battle of Who is better on my youtube channel is Bowser vs Eggman,please watch and leave as many suggestions as you like because I need more requests :)

Who is better

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This weeks episode of Who is better is here

My top 5 favorite video game characters

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I made a top 5 favorite video game characters on my youtube channel here is the link,please like ad comment and maybe even subscribe

Nintendo 2DS

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There is a new DS coming out called the 2DS.It looks awesome and great.THing is it is the same thing as the 3DS but just in 2D.It has no exclusive games.It probably has a longer battery life then the 3DS.But seeing as how I HAVE A 3DS XL I dont see any reason to have it.I might get it I might not.But how about you?

Scary Movie 5 Review+another video

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I made this blog yesterday but deleted it on accident.Here is my review of scary movie 5 there it is please like and subscribe )you don't have to subscribe if you don't want to).Also please watch this other video I made on the day before the review


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Well the GS unions are being shut down soon :(.Im gonna miss the unions :,(.Especially my favorite union Mushroom Kingdom Union.I had some great times in that union,that was the only union I ever used....I will keep going on it...until the unions end....:(.To all the members of MKU thank you,being in the MKU was probably the best time on GS for me.Its really sad to see the unions go :(