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I am sure it will eventually be released for both ps4 and Xbox One, just like GTA 5. Probably once its DLC is out they will release a bundled version.

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You're a **** idiot.

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Are people seriously arguring graphics?  They are literally the exact same system.  


Not only that, John Carmack said they were virtually identical, that it was amazing how close they were to one another.  He knows, he is a virtual god.  End of discussion. 

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[QUOTE="xboxiphoneps3"] Titanfall also runs at sub 1080p and was unconfirmed whether it was running on Xbox One or a PC.... killzone shadow fall looks tremendously better then Titanfall and it actually runs at ACTUAL 1080p unlike TitanfallMr-Kutaragi

you know what, for the sake of argument, i'll exclude Titanfall since this game isnt being released until 2014 and may be in a relatively incomplete state in comparison to a launch title like Killzone: SF (even though i do beleive Titanfall will still look and play better than KZ:SF).. but what about Battlefield 4 running at 1080p @ 60fps as a multiplatform title yet arguably looking better than the 1080p @ 30fps exclusive in Killzone: SF?.. again, at launch, what PS4 game is looking 50% better than an Xbox One game?

unless the GAMES are looking better, what is the point of arguing about specs?.

That all lemming have left, believe and hope that xbone can compete. Yet, failure in sale compare to ps4, and failure in visual compare to ps4. Cannot even 1080p 60fps source engine game with ps2 texture. Please do not cry. You are wrong about Battlefield launch game, please check your information.


Im getting the xbox but I would love to play killzone later on down the line.  It's unfortunately the only exclusive I was excited for on their side, but man it satisfies everything an fps fan could want that Call of Duty does not. 

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You don't think anything is missing from the PS4 side of that pic? :P


lets not include that thing they want to call a headset shall we LOL. 


Butthurt that MS included a headset huh?  That's okay.  Laugh it off, you've got us fooled...

I did notice the 4k ready hdmi cable is missing from the xbox side though...

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Lol that happens a lot on here.
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News flash dude!  Fake architecture, fake physics, fake guns, and fake warfare!  It's a videogame.  It's all fake.

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Yeah well these douchebag admins fly around in Helicopters and post all these rules about not using soflams, javelins, and stinger missiles, and the moment you use one (which you should because its **** battlefield) to shoot them down they get butthurt and start booting people. 

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Well, I believe Dec. 31st is a Tuesday so it's possible, but I would expect one, maybe two delays.

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Not one bit.