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Peoples political complaints

Getting tired of hearing peoples constant political complaining on this site. Its a site for videogames. Furthermore, most people are too uninformed to be able to generate an opinion worth a damn on here. I am tired of people talking about the patriot act, and unamerican Obama. Tired of it. Get a clue. Quit listening to Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. If you live in the United States or the European Union, you should remember that you live better than the vast majority of people around the world. And if you still can't appreciate it, leave. Go live somewhere else. I also think it would be prudent to keep in mind that suffering is a part of life. A major part. Life is suffering, death is suffering, sorrow, lamentations, pain, grief, all suffering. Not to get what one wants is suffering. We cannot all get what we want. So eat it, deal with it, and move on. Our human lifespans are way to short to waste fretting about things that are beyond our control. And again, quit listening to Limbaugh and Beck. Stop paying attention to Bill O'Reilly and Fox News. You get no facts from there. Only conservative, bible thumping bigotry and close mindedness.

If you really want to shine some light on the republican agenda, I recommend reading Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle." Then you will understand why republicans in states like ohio and wisconsin (and elsewhere) are making the plays they are.

This is all I'm going to say on the matter. I am not going to waste any further time on here discussing politics with people. I've said my piece. I'm done.

Taxes really do make all the difference in the world.

the component cables i could add to the PS3 the $599 version.....and if u read my blog post from my earlier....message i sent u still doesnt equal $749 + would be about $680 total...nitrous1013

ok but microsoft gives you component cables in the box, in the 400.00 version. Sony still makes you buy them seperately after you have already dropped 600.00 on the system. So it would come to 680.00 and you still havent bought a game. Not to mention, you now own a barebones, not fully functional blu-ray player. On top of that, your controllers will always cut out because they use a blu-tooth signal, instead of using IR like MS does. The sony controller cuts out b/c bluetooth has to remain an open wavelength for monitering because it is too close to the lower broadband frequency that fire, police, and hospital use, and the FCC has to moniter it. Therefore, its open to every kind of interference imaginable. They will never be able to fix that because of the laws.

Now HDMI. HDMI costs 80.00 for the third party set. I know this, I work at EB games so its not worth arguing with me about. The actual sony HDMI cables cost 109.99. So now if you want a sixty gig system with true HD, thats 600.00 plus 109.99 plus a game, 59.99, and if you want a second controller, thats another 59.99. Furthermore, if you want a headset, that will run you anywhere from 50 to 150 more dollars. So far a premium ps3 with an extra controller and a game costs 773.96 (I added the 7.5% sales tax the HDMI (tax included) costs 118.23 for the sony brand and lastly the headset (tax included again) comes to 53.73. So if you want a system from sony that will do everything its made to do it will cost you 945.92. See how much of a difference tax makes?


Now for an xbox 360 elite: lets assume this is a first time buyer who wants all elite perks.  Most ppl have the system, a headset, and an extra controller with a charge kit. An elite costs 479.99. with tax that would be an addition 35.99 so 515.98. Gears of war would be another 64.49. if you want a wireless headset it would be another 64.49 but microsoft at least includes one for you and most ppl just use that one. You dont have to pay for an HDMI cord because one is included, a battery pack is included, the transfer kit to change stuff to the other HD is included, you still get component cables in the box so you dont have to buy those seperately. We are at 644.96 for an elite, a game, a second controller. A charge kit costs another 21.49 so that brings it to 666.45. So the difference between having all the perks for the xbox, and all the perks for the ps3 is a grand total difference of 279.47.


Remember, Sony makes you buy everything seperately on top of spending 600 for a system. When you include sales tax, its even worse then it seems. The magazines and the authors of articles dont include the tax.


Microsoft gives you a wireless controller, the transfer kit, the 120gb hd, the only thing you are actually paying for is the hd btw, component cables, and an HDMI cable in the box. Not to mention, the HD is externally mounted so if there is a problem with the xbox, its a matter of going to the eb to get a new hd. With sony, you have no choice but to ship it out because its external, and if you open the system you void the warranty. Furthermore my friend, if you call sony for support and you slip up and tell them you are using a thirdparty HDMI cable, component cable, third party ANYTHING, you void your warranty. Microsoft doesnt do that to you. Lastly, ppl **** and whine about online service, but xbox live costs less then 4 dollars a month, and everyone agrees (who has actually used it) that it is amazing. They do an amazing job of bringing the community together. Sony on the other hand carried the PSP interface over to the the ps3 and ppl hated that interface. Lastly, some of sony's online games dont even offer voice chat, you cant see what your friends are actually doing (last I heard, correct my if I am wrong) and last time I stocked the wall it occurred to me that xbox has more 1080p games then sony, who was constantly bragging about it. Two games support 1080p on sony ps3, one is nba 07, the other I cant remember. I think its another sports game. This is all because sony doesnt want to charge money for online. They know if they did on top of everything else you have to buy, no one would buy the thing.


And for the record, I am one of the managers at the eb where I live, we havent sold a ps3 in over a month, and we have 6 of them sitting in the back room. We have however had 2 returns as for the money back and one trade in for a 360.

Remember again, if you read that link that I sent you, the techies who have opened up and seen the guts of these two systems are aware that the 360 is the more powerful of the two systems. Not by much, but anything ps3 can do, ms can typically do a little bit better. Keep in mind sony has a track record of overpromising and underachieving. The ps2, while the most popular system of the last gen, is decently weaker then the xbox and the gamecube. The gamecube was the most powerful of that age, with a custom made chipset designed for them by ATI. The xbox came in close second, and the ps2 in third. 



Misguided people

So I can totally understand someone buying a playstation 3 to play Lair, or MGS4.  I can accept some people spending 644.00 and some odd cents on a playstation 3.  I find it downright hysterical that a college student comes walking into EB Games one day, and drops his wad of cash on one of our seven playstation 3's that has been collecting dust in our backroom for two weeks, just so he can play Tony Hawks Project 8.  I mean, this guy was going nuts, he was so excited about buying this system just to play a skateboarding game...and dunno.  I am at a loss for words here.  I dont believe it. And I am not just assuming this.  He told us the reason he bought a PS3 was for Tony Hawks project 8.


    I really wish a second riddick game would come out.  The first one was really an incredible, underrated game, and I think with all the publicity it got after its release a second game could sell real well provided they take their time and use a new original storyline.  

trollers should die.

Anyone else getting sick and tired of how angry ppl get on the forums over a simple question? I would really like to kick the **** out of some of these people. Where the hell did they learn to treat ppl the way they do? You ask a simple question and someone has to post "STFU U F*CKING F4G! Gimme a break kid, learn how to spell. I hope they choke on their alphabet soup.

MoH vs CoD

I saw the new MoH trailer the other night, and I have to say, I dont know what ever persuaded me to play MoH ever.  Its just not fun.  Especially in comparision to Brothers in Arms and Call of Duty.  The MoH franchise is old, they have done just about everything they can do with world war II, and its just not fun anymore.  Call of Duty is far superior in every way.  Even the first CoD, in my opinion was much better then MoHAA.  And with Call of Duty 3 and Brothers in Arms Hells Highway coming soon, I think the stagnation that is MoH might be in for a rough ride.  I highly doubt it can live up to what it needs to accomplish to be the best again.

SOE = Third Reich of the Gaming world.

So finally, after two years of playing Star Wars Galaxies, the game has finally drawn to a close for me. Who in the world at SOE thought that bringing a new combat system, which is actually the combat system from Everquest II, would be a good idea? Do they not feel it necessary to listen to their fans? The paying customers? When you throw down a beta testing server and you take feedback and 82% of the people tell you something blows, then do not incorporate it! Now SOE is wondering why boatloads of players are cancelling their accounts! In an effort to make the game more balanced, they have simply succeeded in completely ruining what us veteran players have come to know and love. We don't play galaxies because we want to play everquest, we hate everquest. If we wanted to play everquest then we would have spent our money on everquest! We want galaxies! SOE is like the Third Reich of the gaming world, they suck, I am cancelled, and I will never play another SOE game. I hope Middle Earth doesn't end up under their control :(.

Musical Rant.

The problem with metal is there is so much good metal to be had, and so little time to find it all. Ranging from Australian Underground F*ck...I'm Dead to finnish Torsof*ck, there is an untapped gold mine of good music. Even the more well known of European Metal is incredible. The US I feel is on a decline as far as metal goes. Pantera was never good, though I did have and still do have respect for Dimebag. Slayer was always mediocre, and Iron maiden just sucks. I don't care if they are the fathers of power metal or not. They suck. They were never good. The only song thay was ever any good was Holy Smoke. Good Powermetal can be found in Sonata Arctica, Hammerfall, and Nightwish (god Tarja is hot....)

The only thing keeping life in American Metal for me personally would be Lamb of God. Century Media just signed some new band from Syracuse...something of sin or something like that. Doesnt matter. They will probably blow too. Nobody ever listens to Nile, or Kreator or anything like that. You can't just sit down next to someone and say..."so how what did you think of the new Norther album?" They look at you like you're retarded. But you can sit down next to someone and try to talk metal with them on a kindergarten level. Example:

"What do you think of that new Norther Album?"

::Blank Stare:: and then "Dude sometimes, I go on a Mushroomhead binge. I can't seem to help it man. I rock out to Mushroomheads latest dose of rank garbage, then I pound it out to the latest Slipknot album. Man I love Vermillion."

::I get up and walk away::

Way to be a loser. Does anyone realize that Slipknot is not Metal? They were metal once upon a time. They are alternative. Come on people how much does it suck to go from playing First Stage at Ozzfest, only to release this craptacular does of garbage titled "Vol. 3; The Subliminal Verses," which you say is an incredible achievement for the band only to play Second Stage at Ozzfest? Does being demoted now signify that you are improving? Has anyone told these guys their glory days are over? The only people still listening to Slipknot are little kids going through a phase similar to that of the Marilyn Manson one my generation went through when I was in Middle School.

Sadly our music is becoming harder and harder to find. I have contributed my vast collection of albums to a Radio Show here at my College, titled obviously the Metal Show. It does consist of Mostly European Metal such as The Haunted, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Bloodbath, Children of Bodom, etc. Surprisingly it became the most popular show out of all the rest of the local stuff here in this little town. Surprising that a bunch of country bumpkins who like to stuff cornseeds between their teeth and run around after their sister going "hyuck hyuck" would enjoy something other than deep bluegrass garbage.

It comes down to the Internet for us. The Forums, our communication across states via a broadband line seem to be for the most part the only way for the most hardcore of hardcore metal fans to keep in touch. I would say just about everyone on this forum is hardcore. Way to be guys. Awesome. Time for class. yay.