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Huh, I didn't even realize this forum came back.

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PS4's titles have been lackluster to me and fuck me if I even think about owning that piece of shit Xbox. Even some of my favorite IP's on Sony are either gone, turned into shit, or are becoming shit.

I'll be buying IP's I care about on a system that has them. And right now those two aren't it.

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Fuck reviews, I'm still buying this game.

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If anyone has a Ditto they can spare, I'd appreciate it. Breeding for me isn't that easy once I realized how late you get Ditto, and I'd like to have one sooner than that. Much thanks to those who help me.


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Well this is....not that great.

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Triple travesty Batman! That there's a triple post!
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OOC: I don't know when Danial would be responding considering his..."situation" but, I'll just say hello anyway.


Danial noticed Chan's hand and decided to greet him.

"Greetings, I was once the leader of a group of assassins not covered in evil cult markings who bleed evil goop, but you can kind of see the result of that. I think I have seen your brother before, he helped me out when the rest of my body didn't feel like moving."

He continued to listen to Chan's situation, before speaking again. "I'm on the side that wants her dead. After all this madness, there is no forgiving her. I don't know where the rest of our goals split, but right now I rather we double our efforts on the biggest threat. As of right now, beyond my only loyal student left, we only have a few other allies, but I fear they are scattered about, and I have no idea where my student is. If she's awake somewhere, chances are she felt the sudden transfer in power thanks to Peter, so she might even be on her way looking for me."

Danial sighed slightly. "As for our options, I don't think we have many left. We could try and get rid of the psychotic fox, chances are if he's fighting with Renvoir's goons, they are at least hurting him quite a bit. If we rid ourselves of him, we at least destroy one of the bigger threats. I also heard there's something powering him, but I have no idea what it is. We might have to deal with her people if we do manage to corner him, no doubt they might be on his tail. But in greater numbers and our combined might, we have a tactical advantage."

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Danial took the information into his head for a while, but then suddenly started laughing a bit. He laughed for a solid 6 seconds before uttering "I see."

"So, this was his game all along. Get the perfect controller, devoted to the cause to the point he'd rely on changing the world to save his fellow comrades in arms, and then dispose of him once their job is done. I was suspicious why a being of chaos was so willing to work with me so easily. We assassins provide freedom for those who cannot get it by any other means, but he wants the entire planet to kill itself."

Danial's suspicions were correct, though he did not see it at the time with all that was going on. "So in other words, I've killed my order for naught."

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Well we played it for a while, but just like everything except for the RPG, it just stopped.
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Danial called forth everyone to keep pressing on, as time was running out, he didn't want to die, and he wanted to try and contain the situation before it got out of hand.