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It all starts and ends with the games. Whichever console has the better games will win. The Wii original has Wii Sports. The whole console was sold off of one game alone.

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I think the features of games and platforms are what's going to define next gen. I think the fact that you can launch a game from the browser and still do other things before your game starts is amazing. That should be implemented in all multiplayer games.

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Haven't posted here a while, but just had to post Metro Last Light. Probably the best looking game I've ever seen. Pics don't even do it justice.

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This topic is better suited for System Wars.

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I recently played the first and second game. I didn't find that many references to the first game. And not many characters from the first return in the second (may be besides some that are mentioned in books). You can play the second game safely without the first.

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Also, there was some launcher that fixes the FoV in Crysis 2 that you guys recommended a while ago.  What was it called again?


The one I made. You can get the latest version here.

As a fellow programmer, that is really nice man!
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 Wasn't necessarily related to Xbox 360, so moved to this board.


TC isn't level 10, loool

TC isn't harming any one so it's ok with me.
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Grand Theft Auto V is the only reason I have my xbox right now lol

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 Wasn't necessarily related to Xbox 360, so moved to this board.

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This topic isn't Xbox 360 related.