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I'm not a cow, lemming, or goat. I'm a gamer

The whole gaming community has been been in uproar ever since the comments since that one guy from Microsoft made his comments about the next Xbox, saying that he doesn't understand why people are going crazy over the "always-online" rumors. I for one don't understand either. I'm willing to bet that most gamers that read the article are connected to the internet all the time. Why does it matter whether it requires you to be online if you're already online 99.9% of the time anyways.

But nooo. Gamers can't risk that 99.9% chance. "Well what about that .01% chance that my power goes out. I won't be able to play my games!" Really? You can't survive without games for a couple of hours (or however long your power will be out. And in most cases, not long).

"I'll lose 5 minutes of gameplay because I didn't get to save in time before the power went out." Come on really? Most games these days are pretty good about their checkpoints. You're really not considering getting a console just because you'll lose some of your save information? Get a life!

Reading the System Wars forum for the past few days, I could go on and on about useless complaints and cries from the vocal minority. I really just wanted to make this blog to say two things:


1. You don't know jack about the Xbox 720

It's the truth. None of us really know any thing about the Xbox 720, so why are people getting so irate over a product they don't know any thing about? Every thing we're seeing right now are RUMORS. Nothing is official and the console isn't official yet. It makes no point to complain because most of your complaints may be resolved already. Look, Microsoft is a very smart hardware company. Yes, I believe that their next Xbox will be online-only, but I also believe they'll have something that will make you forgot that it is.


2. I'm not a cow, lemming, or a goat. I'm a gamer

At the end of the day, I plege no allegience to any one console. I'm a gamer first and foremost. I'm not jumping on your bandwagons and wishing the death of Microsoft. I'm going to sit back and see what both companies (Sorry Wii-U fans, this is a two-man race) have to offer. If Microsoft can give me an excellent gaming experience plus give me an excellent multimedia experience, I'm sold. If not, Sony is where I'll go.


Bioshock Infinite Early Impressions (Warning: Spoilers)

I keep promising myself I'll post new blogs and I never do. Any ways. The original Bioshock is probably my favorite game of this generation. The game was so innnovative. Plasmids were so fun to use and it was cool to see what the new one would do to your foes. There was something amazing, at the time to have the ability to turn a turrent on the enemies. I'll never forget the intro of the game with the lighthouse. I'll never forget my first encounter with a Big Daddy. And who could forget Andrew Ryan. Irrational Games developed an amazing piece of work and I applaud 2k Games giving them the opporunity to do something different.


Now six years later we have Bioshock Infinite. I bought the game on PC through Green Man Gaming. The deal was pretty good. With pre-order you got $14 cash, Xcom, and two games of your choice. I got Bioshock 1 and Civ V. Although I have and played both games, I traded both for games I didn't play. Infinite activated on Steam so I pre-loaded it.


I'm about three hours into the game, and so far, I have to say it's amazing. I'm running the game on Ultra settings with a 1920x1080 resolution. The city of Columbia looks beautiful. The city just begged me to explore. Walking around I've been looking through every nook and cranny. I look at all the interesting posters that's on the walls. I listen in on the conversations of the people, however, it feels a little disconnected because they're all robotic. The go about their day, but they pay you no mind when you walk up to them. It's like you're invisible.

One of the most memorable moments so far is going up the tower on Momument Island, where Elizabeth is held. On your way up you learn that Elizabeth is some sort of specimen that's never been out in the real world and scientists have been analyzing her every move since she was a baby. The scenery that was set up in the tower was very creepy, but it was effective at what it was trying to portray. In one room you walk in you see a chair with straps on it and various medical tools next to it. Then, in the same room, you also see jars full of various thing such as hair and nails!

Then in another room you walk in and see a projector and a bunch of seats where scientist would sit and watch recorded videos of Elizabeth. I turned on the projector and see clips of this young girl dancing, painting, and even picking locks. Not many games I have played can paint such vivid pictures in my mind and allow me to recount them like this.

I can't wait to get back into the game and play more.


P.S. riding the skylines are amazing.



I promise I'll start blogging

I think a couple of blogs ago I started saying I would start blogging and what not. Well, that did not last very long. I don't think many people are reading this right now, so I don't think many care, but I promise I'll start blogging. That being said, what do I say...

Oh that's right, Mass Effect 3 comes out tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about this release. I love the Mass Effect franchise. I played the first game on 360 and loved it. Then I played the sequel on PC. I did not get the luxury of importing my saves obviously, so recently, I borrowed ME2 from a friend so I could see if the save import was really what it is cracked up to be. I went back and rushed through ME1; took about 10 years. And now I'm playing ME2. I have to say, I actually see the effects of what I did in the first game and it feels meaningful. I am in the latter part of ME2 now and I won't be able to beat it by the time I play ME3, which sucks. I"m debating just holding off on ME3 until I beat ME2, but who can resist playing a new game?

Before I replayed the Mass Effect games, I think I was playing Bayonetta, which really surprised me. The combat in that game is really good. I've never played a Devil May Cry game, so I don't have any basis to compare Bayonetta to. However, I know a good game when I play one. I do not know the story at all; I just skip all the cutscenes.

My backlog of games hasn't been this big since I had my gaming PC. Not only do I still have to beat Bayonetta, but I also just bought Dark Souls. I rented it from Gamefly when I had a month trial for $1. I loved Dark Souls a lot so when I was able to snag it for $22, I was pretty happy. But it'll have to hold off for a while. Other games on my backlog include Mafia 2, fallout new vegas, condemned criminal origins, and other games I can't think of right now.

Well, I think that's about it for this blog. What games are you on your guy's backlogs?

Beat Portal 2... twice, Undead Nightmare, and the reach of Kinect?

So far this year, my favorite game is Portal 2. I didn't think any game would top Dead Space 2 this early, but Portal 2 has done it. I beat it on Monday; I immediately started a new game. I beat the game again the next day. I have to say, after you learn the puzzles, the second playthrough goes by really quickly. I usually do not play games for the second time, alone play them again immediately after the credits. But, Portal 2 is just that good.

There are so many elements to this game that make it amazing. First off, the writing and voice acting is amazing. Cave Johnson and wheatly are great new characters. I know that I will remember Wheatly's character years from now. And then, of course, there are the puzzles. I played the first Portal and I loved it, but I found it a bit easy. This is not the same in the sequel, at least for me; I was stumped on a lot of the puzzles. That probably has to do with the new gameplay mechanics such as the different colored paints. They add a good amount of variety in the puzzles, whereas in the first Portal, you solved most of the puzzles the same way. I have also played a little bit of the co-op campaign and it's pretty fun, however, there's no story to it and that's a big drawback for me.

I'm taking no breaks after playing beating Portal 2; I have a backlog of games that I want to get through. After I beat my second playthrough on Portal, I went on to finish my second playthrough of Red Dead (See last blog). I was closer than I thought, it only took me about 45 minutes to reach the ending. I finally was able to start playiing Undead Nightmare after buying it on sale for $5, or 400 microsoft points. So far, I am really enjoying Undead Nightmare. I won't get into any details for fear of spoiling my fellow Gamespot members, but it is pretty hilarious.

This month some pretty big games are going to be released:

I don't know which one to buy! I'm a college student and I cannot afford to buy both of these games within a week of each other. Speaking of a week of each other, I thought it was a good idea to release Brink on the 10th instead of the 17th where it would face fierce competition with L.A. Noire. Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake released on the same day and Alan Wake did not sell very well, so good thing Brink is safe. Oh by the way, this is not the first time a game's released date was made ealier. I saw a lot of journalist saying in the headlines that this was so amazing and acted as if this has never happened before; it has. But back to my dilemma of choosing a game, I think I might just buy L.A. Noire and then buy Brink later. We'll see for sure though.

I found something very interesting on my facebook news feed yesterday. Do you guys remember this video?

Wish I knew had to embed that. Anyways, a friend of mine posted this video on his facebook profile. And what suprised me was that he was not one of my friends that are into video games. As a matter of fact, he referred to Kinect, or what was known at the time of the video as Project Natal, as "this new xbox thing." I just found it pretty interesting that a non-gamer that has no ever posted anything else related to video games, felt that this "new xbox thing" was so cool that he posted it on his facebook wall. I looked at the comments of the video and many others were pretty amazed at "Milo." Of course, Milo never materialzed, but it shows that people are very intrigued in the technology, whether it really works or not. Kinect can reach a lot of people. That's all I wanted to post; thought tthat was pretty interesting personally. Thanks for reading my blog!

I think I'll start blogging now- Level 44

I've been a registered user on Gamespot for about 4 years now, and I have never been big on blogging. If you look back at all my previous blogs, they have been mostly promoting game nights. I think I'm ready to start making real blogs now.

I have not been playing games as much as I usually have recently because it's finals week and I've been hard at work studying, or at least trying to. But, I've been playing the Gears 3 beta a lot and I've been loving it. I think it's a huge improvement over Gears 2. I'm a huge fan of the Gears franchise. I have logged 300+ hours into Gears 2's multiplayer. I think the guys over at Epic have done and are doing a great job with the 3rd game's multiplayer. Feel free to add me, my gamertag is "Realkilla752" withotu the quotes. Just make sure to send me a message saying who you are.

Before Gears 3 beta, I was trying hard to plow through my second playthrough of Red Dead Redemption. After seeing the Undead Nightmare DLC for only 400 points on sale in the marketplace, I decided to rebuy Red Dead ($16 new on Amazon) just to experience what I heard was one of the best DLCs of last year. But I forgot the story of Red Dead so I decided to replay the story real quickly. I'm almost done so I hope to start the Undead DLC soon.

I also beat Crysis 2 on 360 recently. I was pretty impressed with the game. The single player had a decent length and the gameplay was excellent. The narrative started up slow, but after that I thought it really picked up. The multiplayer was pretty decent also. I took a lot of the great elements from other popular multiplayer shooters such as Call of Duty. However, I still didn't see much replay value in the game, so I decided to sell it. Can't complain though, I bought it for $42 and sold it for the same price.

I really want to get back into Beyond Good and Evil HD. I had started to play it, and I got really immersed in the game. But, I got sidelined by these other games that I started to play. However, getting back to the game probably won't happen anytime soon since I just bought Portal 2 off Amazon for $50 + $15 towards my next game. If you haven't noticed by now through my blog, I'm a huge Amazon head. I used to buy my games from Gamestop. But why buy a $60 game with some stupid DLC that I don't really care about when I can buy it for cheaper plus money towards my next games?

Anyways I'm pretty excited to play Portal 2. I loved the original game. I thought it was so brilliant and funny. The sequel seems to be that plus more so I can't wait to get the game on Monday. That's about it for my first real blog in a very long time, well, may be first real blog ever.

Rechee's Top 10 Most anticipated Games of 2011

Sorry it's kind of late, but better late than never! I have to say, this list was very hard to make up compared to the past years. May be that is telling. Anyways, here we go, my most anticipated games for this year:

10. Dead Space 2

To be honest, before I played the demo, this game would have been higher on my list. However, I was kind of disappointed at the sneak peak of the scariest game I've ever played. From the impressions I got from the demo, it was very similar to the first game. I was expecting more. However, the game still made it on my list because of one thing that I wouldn't want changed, the gameplay. The gameplay in Dead Space is extremely fun and satisfying, making Dead Space 2 something I still want to invest in. Oh and it has multiplayer.

9. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Legend of Zelda franchise is one of the few franchises that stays consistant as far as the quality. They have never disappointed me, ever, whether it was the console games, or the 2-d and portable games. We haven't seen that much from Skyward Sword, but let's be honest. Do we really need to?

8. Portal 2

I think the original Portal surprised a lot of people when it came out. May be because it was included in a great package of other very good games when it released in 2007's Orange Box. It definitely surprised me and went on to become one of my favorite games. I had never played a game like it before. But one gripe I had with it is that it was too short. Well, Valve is looking to fix that, turning the sequel to Portal to its own full retail game. I am quite interested in the co-op which, from what you can see from the box art above, is a big focus.

7. Game Dev Story 2

Over this holiday I decided to buy myself the new iPod touch that I had wanted so badly for a while. And I definitely was interested in all the games that the iOS had to offer, already creating a wish list of over 20 games before I even received the iPod. Game Dev Story was definitely on top of my list and when it went on sale for 99 cents, it was a no brainer. And after playing the game, I have to say, the game is even worth the $4 you would be paying now for the game. If you didn't know, Game Dev Story is a game development simulator where you act as the president of a game company and you develop the games of your choosing. This is definitely the most addicting game I have for my iPod and I cannot wait for the sequel.

6. Crysis 2

I did not play original Crysis until last year because I didn't have a good enough rig (Thanks again Gamespot). There was so much critical praise around the game that I felt I had no choice but to try out the game. And I have to say, at the high settings I was playing it at, it was one hell of an amazing experience. Let's get past the obvious amazing graphics of the game. The story and gameplay in the gaming were pretty amazing too if you ask me. The nanosuit just may be one of the best gameplay mechanics of recent years. It lets you play the way you want to. You can go in guns blazing or be sneaky with cloak. As for the story, it left on a big cliffhanger, but I'm sad to see that it seems that Crysis 2 is not continuing the story of the first. But I'm probably wrong.

5. Mass Effect 3

You guys might be surprised that this game isn't higher on my list. Well, I was hoping Mass Effect 3 would be coming out later than 2011. It may sound crazy that I actually want a game to come out later as opposed to earlier. I used to be very mad when games would come out later than expected, but now-a-days my philosophy is that the more time a game is development only makes it better. If GTA IV was released in October instead of April, do you think it would have been as good as it was? I don't think so. I was actually hoping Mass Effect 3 would come out in the next generation of consoles. Yes, that long. Mass Effect is one of my most favorite RPG games and I would have loved for it to come out in a new age of new technology. It would have made it even better. However, I am still highly anticipating the sequel one of 2010's best games.

4. Batman Arkham City

I don't really know why Batman Arkham City is so high on my list. We haven't seen one second of any gameplay yet. Rocksteady Studios did one hell of a job with the first game. I can't say one bad thing about that game. I even took the time and got did all the riddler puzzles. I'm sure the sequel will be just as good as the first.

3. The Witcher 2

Besides shooters, RPGs is my second genre of video games; I'm a big sucker for them. The Witcher was one of the best games of 2007 in my opinion and it's unfortunate that many people have never played it for one of two reasons. First is because it's a PC game and second is because is because it was overshadowed by the all the other games that came in out in arguably, the best year in gaming history. However, that did not stop CD Projekt from making a sequel. And The Witcher 2 seems to be very ambitious. The only wish that I have is that it comes out on 360 since I don't have access to my gaming PC anymore. They seem very intent on trying to get the game on consoles so hopefully they are eventually abe to. (#2 on my list for 2010)

2. Dragon Age 2

Like I said, I'm a big sucker for RPGs. And who creates better than Bioware. Dragon Age: Origins was one of the best RPGs I've ever played. May be because that is exactly what it was, a pure RPG experience. The world of origins was just plain amazing and made the game so immersive. The story was great and made you make some hard decisions. This game may have turned a lot of people off with its gameplay. For me, I was stopping to make decisions after every move I made. And I loved it. I know Bioware will deliver on Dragon Age 2.

#1. Gears of War 3

I put more hours into Gears of War 2 multiplayer probably than other any other game I have ever played. It's simply amazing and I have never played a multiplayer game that has lasted me this long. Most people were turned off early on by Gears of War 2's multiplayer because at launch it had a lot of problems. However, I stuck with it and no other game, even Call of Duty, has been able to take me away from it. Surrounded by many friends that play with me, there was really no reason for me to get off. There is nothing more satisfying than blasting someone away with your shotgun. My commitment to Gears of War 2 made making Gears of War 3 as #1 on my list a given. I cannot wait to see what additions (mostly mutliplayer) Epic is going to put into the final installment of the franchise.

Ornament Scavenger Hunt

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CLUE 36: Jane Douglas

CLUE 37: Brendan Sinclair

CLUE 38: Laura Parker

Super Street Fighter IV Game Night!!


Tonight we'll be playing Super Street Fighter IV on the Xbox 360. Sorry for the late reminder everyone but nevertheless tonight there will be fighting action going on with multiple GS staff members. You will see apprearances from Brendan Sinclair, Ryan Mac Donald, and Lark Anderson. It is going down tonight at 5 PM PT. Here is a time zone converter so all those wondering what time it is in your area. Furthermore, check out the general GS game night F.A.Q for info on how to get in on some of this hot action on Cinqo de Mayo. Yo comos los huevos. Remember, join the CHATROOM 30 minutes to an hour before game night. Well that's about it guys. Come out and have some fun.

Buenas Noches,


Game Night #99: Borderlands (X360,PS3,PC)

That is right ladies and gentlemen. Co-op action is going down tomorrow night (April 14) with Borderlands! All platforms are going to be served, however, there might not be any staff on deck for the PS3. Do not forget to join the chatroom* 30 minutes-1 hour before the action. Bring your friends,c ome out, and join us at 5PM PT until 7PM PT. It's going to be a lot of looting fun.

Rechee's Guarenteed Good Links to Check out Pre-Game Night

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Time Zone Converter

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