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That is the real winner. Multiplats on PC. Uncharted, The order and more on PS4.

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Fags aren't welcome down here in the south *Spits jerkey into bucket*

But seriously that's some f***** up stuff.

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Rachel McAdams is just gorgeous and it is shocking she isn't married yet. I would tie her down and take her home to mama in a heartbeat.

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That was sarcasm right? Saints row 3 and 4 having INTERESTING STORIES?! Best open world games?!

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Monopoly incoming!!!

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Saints Row has lost the plot. Saints Row 2 was the right balance between crazy fun stuff and serious story.

GTA san andreas is an excellent example of serious storytelling and great crazy fun using jetpacks,dildos, gambling etc.

How did we go from Julius betraying you and your quest for revenge to Aliens:-\

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Not a dime is coming from me. All EA is good for to me is FIFA with me being a huge football fan.

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Uncharted 4 and anything else ND make. GTA 6 and Infamous.

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You deserve an Oscar in Bullshit good sir *Applauds*