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Lol you started a war with him:-P

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I lol'd at "roach bitches":-P but on a serious note i believe you should talk to him about his ways because at that rate, an STD or aids is waiting to infect him. It could be a cry for help and maybe there is a girl back in the day that broke his heart?

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You are going to be absorbed by those gems for a couple of months:-) enjoy!

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If i wasn't clear, i don't think you can play PS3 games on the PS4 as of today so you would need to borrow a ps3 for a month or 2 to go through the games.

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I highly recommend you buy the MGS Legacy edition on PS3 which includes nearly every game in the series.

I might sound like a fanboy but genuinely i recommend that you play them all if you can. If this isn't possible then you can watch game walkthroughs on Youtube starting with MGS3, Portable ops, Peace Walker, MGS 1,2,4.

However i highly recommend you play the games. There is a reason this franchise has been universally acclaimed and greatly talked about for the past 20 Years.

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Only Sweenix smh

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Only the most dedicated addict would waste their time with this.

I wouldn't take that on a holiday. A holiday is to get away from my normal life. Not to bring it with me

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You definitely need a 1080p tv to see the full effects.

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Smartphones have eaten into the portable device market. Why would a casual gamer buy a vita when they can get a phone that plays games from PS1-PS2/N64/GBA emulators.