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It is NOT an Eminem album but rather a COMPILATION album of artists signed to Shady Records INCLUDING Eminem

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Troll Thread with bait. A bit juvenile don't you think?

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I just want to see some people get eaten alive:-)

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She is waiting to marry meB-)

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I don't know why you feel the need to insult me by calling me stupid.

When I say nature I mean science. Lol when did I mention God? Athiests can have children too If a man makes love to a woman.

Infertile people? Lol wow you have lost the point. I shall keep quiet because I am clearly striking a nerve so I will leave with my final words:

Gay isn't natural. There is a reason homosexuals can't reproduce naturally. Your argument is heavily flawed.

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Wow I can't believe you are comparing the plight of black people to gay people.

They are COMPLETELY different situations. When Black Americans were slaves they still reproduced the natural way hence there are African Americans today.

Homosexuality among animals does happen but it is not the norm and is a mistake hence why I won't insult homosexuals. I can't blame them for being that way.

"I'll play along with your defence of homosexuals. I think you meant I should replace everytime I say "homosexual" with black".

Can blacks reproduce naturally? If you put 10 blacks on an island and left them there for 100 years, the blacks would die out because there would be no reproduction. Law of nature.

Read that and see how different it is. Its laughable you can even begin to compare slavery and the plight of black people to homosexuals.

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Why should I have to look away when they are the minority and go against the natural order of life?

Last time I checked, Most mammals from Lions to Humans mate with someone of the opposite sex. Homosexuals can't reproduce naturally hence making it "not normal".

There is a reason it is legal for businesses in America to LEGALLY REFUSE a gay couple service.

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Man and woman making out is natural. Man and man/woman and woman is not.

Man and Woman can naturally have children. Homosexuals can't.

I don't like it. It doesn't have to be a popular decision or people can disagree with me to kingdom come but its my opinion and I am sure people agree with me just as much as you disagree.

However I don't think homosexuality is even close to one of the bigger issues in the world. ISIS, War, Terrorism, Hunger, Gun control all rank way higher than man and man getting married.

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Known this for awhile. Still don't like it. Won't insult them but don't be affectionate in public and I'm fine.

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