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    @mesome713: Watched the video review. A great 4 mins of spoilers and control summary, didn't feel like much else at all.

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    @isturbo1984: @sylveon128 you fanboys are idiots. A broken game is a broken game. A great game is a great game. If GameSpot hates the Wii U so much then please explain to me WHY they gave Bayonetta 2,...

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    @bottyburp: The code still has to be ported and optimized properly. The big issue was that they outsourced the development of the PC version to a very small inexperienced studio and only 12 people end...

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    Why does this website have to be so bad? Everything feels so wrong. I want to come back but I hate everything about the new GS :(
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    New site is garbage, easily loads 4x slower. Took almost a full minute to log in. This is the end for me.