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Bought a Vita yesterday

Definitely awsome. Can't wait till Persona 4 comes in from Amazon in a couple days so I can finally get a game for it.

Looking forward to playing lots of cool games on it

RDR and Dark Souls

Got two new PS3 games today, used but the copies were practically new, both for $20 so I figured why the hell not?
I wasn't into RDR the first time I played it but I figured at that price I would give it another go since I didn't get to play it for very long before. We'll see. As far as Dark Souls goes, I wanted to get the PC version but $10 for a copy I could trade to a friend/loan out seemed like a good option for the price.

PC Winter Sale Pickups

Amazon was where I definitely got the majority of my games this year mainly because they were damn cheap, I've really never seen a sale that good. I wish that they would have made a better effort to match more of Steam's deals but for what it's worth Amazon put up some really good deals this year.

The first thing I bought was the Tantilizing THQ Bundle, a great deal, no a steal at $5.00 -

- Homefront

- Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

- Red Faction Guerrilla

- Red Faction Armageddon

- Warhammer 40K: Space Marine

- Metro 2033

Now I already had a copy of Metro 2033 from 2 years ago so I gave that to a friend, and I traded the Amageddon code for Bioshock 2 with a friend since I just got it in the THQ Humble Bundle. Everything worked out great I'd say.

Next was the WTF Bundle, later renamed to the Crazy Action Pack. $5.00 -

- The Darkness II

- Duke Nukem Forever

- Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition

Unfortunately, I bought Borderlands GOTY at the summer sale this year on PC, so I already had that, but I gave that as a gift. The Darkness II was amazing, I already finished it, really a steal at $5. And Duke? Not sure if I will ever be cool with installing it but I added it to my Steam account anyway, hah.

The last thing I bought from Amazon was Spec Ops: The Line.

It was only $2.49 after another promo credit, I was amazed. I went and looked and its $39.99 on consoles. Lmao.

And the only money good ol' Gaben got from me this year was $12.49 for The Walking Dead (The Walking Feel)

The Steam sale just wasn't all that great for me.

I also picked up the Humble Indie Bundle 7 for a couple bucks mainly for the Binding of Isaac DLC and the Indie Game Movie. So all in all, indie bundle aside, I paid $24.98 for 11 games. Not bad at all. PC gamign sucks lel.

Summer Sale Pickups and now I'm done.

I didn't have the biggest budget for these sales, and I think I could have done better but here is what I got:


Binary Domain - $10 (75% off)

Borderlands GOTY - $7.50 (75% off, to play with friends)

Burnout Paradise: TUB - $5 (75% off, rebuy due to sold PS3 version)


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - $2.50 (75% off, friend recommendation)

The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition - $15.99 (60% off, nuff said)

My PC library is increasing exponentially.

I found a posting from another site from about 3 years ago and I listed all my PC games at the time. About 12-15 I would guess. Now I have about 100. My god. Damn those beautiful Steam sales and Humble Bundles, etc.

Yesterday marks my 4th year on GS

I thought I had registered on the 27th, so I wasn't planning on posting this yesterday. But it's official, I've been here for a reasonable amount of time now. Feels good to not be a noob. That is all. :D

Welcome to the 100% Club.

I just finished the Assassin's Creed II Platinum this week, and I just recently recieved my "100% Club Member" Achievement from Gamespot... ahh feels good man. Although I will say getting all those feathers wasn't fun. At ALL. I would never want to have to redo it. All in all, even though this game was my shortest Platinum (around 23Hr) it was incredibly tedious. I'm just glad it is now done.


Fallout 3


Burnout Paradise

Assassin's Creed II