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It took me a while to do it, but it's finally done... The first page has been updated! You can view a list of changes below.

I recently went to some local stores to see if they had any Wii U's available, and as I suspected none of them had any deluxe sets left, although some of them still had 1 or 2 basic sets. And while I was out I decided to buy the bonus edition of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed since it was sold out at some stores and I didn't want to risk waiting any longer. I can't play it but at least I won't need to track down the bonus edition later, and now I'll have something extra to play once I get a Wii U (if things go according to plan I should have one by March).

So does anyone know what the release date for Colonial Marines will be on WiiU? I see on the gamestop site it's listed as 12/31/12 but other places (like here) are showing it as 2/12/13. I'm guessing it's been delayed maybe?


Yep. Gearbox announced earlier this year that Aliens: Colonial Marines was getting delayed to Febuary 2013, but there still isn't a solid date for the Wii U version.

"Gamers won't get their hands on Aliens: Colonial Marines this fall as developer Gearbox Software had previously announced. Today, the studio announced that the new science-fiction action shooter will arrive worldwide on February 12, 2013, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. A release date for the Wii U version of the game will be announced at a later date." - GameSpot

Multiple Gearbox developers have said that the Wii U version is going to be the best console version, so hopefully the wait is worth it for anyone planning to buy the game on Wii U.

Mega64 - Scribblenauts Unlimited

I found this video to be very hilarious.


That was pretty funny. :lol: I didn't expect to see Jeremiah Slaczka in it.



Now that this thread has been updated I plan on updating the 3DS Info Thread soon. :D I know it's been a while since the last update.


It sounds like you'll have a great launch day! :)

~Section Updates~

Note: In each game section the newest videos are at the top, and the oldest are at the bottom.

- Added 2 videos to the "General Information" section
- Updated the "Wii U Pro Controller" section with more recent information
- Updated the "Nintendo Network" section with more recent information
- Added a "Nintendo eShop" section

- Updated the "Miiverse" section with more recent information
- Added a "Wii U Game Available Now" section
- Added "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Cave" to the "Upcoming Games" section
- Updated the "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate" section with new 3 screenshots and 1 video
- Added an "Other Announced Wii U Games" section

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Mhk, 4 days now and the plaza is still not working :/AlwaysParagon

Do you have any people on your Friends List yet? Or have you 'followed' anyone in Miiverse?

I've heard that some Wara Wara plazas don't update until you do that.

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A High Voltage employee mentioned this game and the Conduit in September.

The following is a status update from a High Voltage employee (HVSBob), done in the style of a faux interview.

Question: What about some original HVS games I've heard about, like The Grinder, Animales de la Muerte, and of course the Conduit series?

Answer: As usual, there are things we're not ready to talk about. The games I just mentioned in the last answer, for instance, are public knowledge for those who know where to look. But you may be pleased to know our strategy moving forward calls for a greater proportion of original IP games.

I'm excited about the projects we're working on now. I think they represent a new chapter for us: one that's more forward-thinking than before.

Question: OMG I love Conduit so much!

Answer: That's not a question, but thank you! And we haven't forgotten about Conduit over here, either. I would expect some new Conduit-related news before the year is out.GoNintendo

Outside of the Conduit series it sounds like The Grinder, and Animales de la Muerte may have been put on hold, or cancelled.

I wonder what they're planning for the Conduit? Conduit 3? Or maybe a Conduit HD collection for Wii U?

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I did a search because I remember some people saying 'no' while others said 'yes', but I finally found the answer on Nintendo's website.

How Long Will the Wii U Pro Controller Remain Charged?


- The Wii U Pro Controller will remain charged for 80 hours.

- Actual battery life depends on the features used, such as the rumble feature or wireless communication use, ambient temperature, and other factors.Nintendo

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A few months ago a Nintendo customer service rep said that the 3DS and Wii U will be getting a unified eShop account system. We just don't know when exactly.

"A unified account system will be implemented later this year with the launch of the Wii U. Eventually this same account system will be made compatible with Nintendo 3DS systems. At this time we have no additional details to offer and nothing to indicate how or if this will work outside the United States and Canada. In the meantime, if the system has a problem, taking it to an Authorized Service Center will maintain the Nintendo eShop account. If the system is stolen, we can transfer the account to a new system once we are provided with a valid police report." -- NoC customer service member, David Marshall

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I've been seeing a lot of holiday deals for new Wii U games (buy 2 get 1 50% off, buy 1 get 1 40% off, etc.) so I was thinking about getting a few games, even though I don't plan on getting the system anytime soon. One game I wanted to pick up early is Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed, since the first "Bonus Edition" run of the game includes content for early adapters that won't be included with later prints of the game, plus it's $40 new and it looks like something I'd have a lot of fun with.

Has anyone bought any download exclusive titles (like Trine 2: DC, Nano Assault Neo, etc.) from the eShop yet? What do you think of them?

I guess 3ds eshop funds are separate from wiiu eshop? I hope they merge the two make buying a lot easier .AutoPilotOn

A few months ago Nintendo customer service said that the 3DS and Wii U will be getting a unified eShop account system eventually.

"A unified account system will be implemented later this year with the launch of the Wii U. Eventually this same account system will be made compatible with Nintendo 3DS systems. At this time we have no additional details to offer and nothing to indicate how or if this will work outside the United States and Canada. In the meantime, if the system has a problem, taking it to an Authorized Service Center will maintain the Nintendo eShop account. If the system is stolen, we can transfer the account to a new system once we are provided with a valid police report." -- NoC customer service member, David Marshall


Guess what guys?


I was just looking at WaraWara Plaza and spotted Tezuka (Nin ID NintendoTezukaA) the producer of NSMBU

He posted on the NSMBU Community with a little drawing asking people "Are U having Fun? Let's make this community an axciting place for everyone! (a bunch of japanese text I cant translate)"

*edit* he has also just put up a bunch of post in different lanuages (other than Japanese).



:lol: That's cool! I bet he's going to get a lot of new followers on Miiverse once the word gets around.

~Recent Wii U Videos~

Still haven't gotten aorund to updating the main page (I haven't felt well lately), but here are some recent videos you guys might want to check out.

Wii U Japanese Commercial - SUPER WII
Using the GamePad as a TV for Wii Remote play in Black Ops 2
Scribblenauts Unlimited - Link Character Trailer
Scribblenauts Unlimited - Mario Character Trailer
Batman Arkham City Armored Edition 15-second TV Commercial
Batman Arkham City Armored Edition 30-second TV Commercial
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - Outrun Level on Wii U
Chasing Aurora Launch Trailer
Lego City: Undercover 'Coming Soon' TV Commercial

~Recent News~

RUMOR - Another Wii U patch coming next week, will fix freezing/loading problems:


"We've heard from multiple sources that another patch is in the works for the Wii U. It's said that this patch will launch sometime next week. The patch will aim to fix freezing issues as well as long loading times between menus. I'm sure a patch is in the work for these issues, so let's hope the rumor about a release next week is spot-on!" - GoNintendo

Hopefully this is true, cross your fingers!


Wii U can download firmware updates automatically in the background, even while playing certain games:


"You might be able to download the Wii U's large, slow-downloading day-one firmware update while playing games, according to online reports from Wii U owners on Reddit and GoNintendo. It seems that there's a secret background-downloading option. Good to know!

We can't test it on our already-updated Wii Us, but those of you who are just getting a system might want to try this out: When the system asks if you want to update the firmware, don't do it. Click "cancel". If you've already set up a Wi-Fi connection, the firmware update will supposedly download in the background. Later, if you're prompted again, it should be saved in your system, waiting to be installed.

Please note that we have not tried this, but users on Reddit and GoNintendo say this has worked. Please also note that the system does not make it obvious that background-downloading is an option. If we'd known it was possible, we'd have told you all sooner!

If any of you have gotten this to workor if you can confirm that it doesn'tplease chime in below." - Kotaku

Multiple users respond to say it's true:

"I can confirm that you can do this, as I did it on launch day. I sent the tip in to this site that morning." - retrokevin

"I thought this was normal. Everything I've downloaded I've done so in the background. I was wondering why some but not all people were griping about how long updates took. Now it makes more sense." - subnet6

"Yes i can confirm 100% the system update will download in the background . i just got mine loaded up Nintendo land from the start and after a hour i stopped the game and before i could shut down the system it told me it was installing the update." - MikegMD

"I believe this rumor is true. I found it extremely annoying that every game you pop in does an immediate update before you even play it! So I said F it and started the game anyway, next thing I know when I was done playing, so was the update and I just had to press install the next time I launched it." - johnyripman420

And if there's still any boubt as to wether this is true or not... Just this year, Iwata himself said that automatic updates were going to be an important part of the 3DS and Wii U.

"...all of our devices before the Nintendo 3DS had one major problem. They were structured in such a way so that unless the user proactively performed a system update him/herself, the update could never be done.

Although consumers knew that it was better to perform system updates, many did not perform them, as it was often the case that they were simply never made aware that they were available. As with smartphones, tablets, computers and operating systems, many devices today have an auto-update feature, where updates are automatically downloaded when there is an Internet connection, and put on standby, and a message that says "Updates are available for your system. Would you like to proceed?" appears later before the user finally installs the updates. At the moment the Nintendo 3DS's security remains robust, but we have prepared ourselves to minimize the damage should our security fail. Please note that, in a sense, we learned a very bitter lesson from the Nintendo DS and the Wii, and we have put it to good use in designing the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U." - Nintendo Global President, Satoru Iwata


Ubisoft says Wii U and Beyond Good & Evil are a good fit, explains why Rayman Legends is Wii U exclusive:


In a interview with BG&E/Rayman creator Michel Ancel, when asked if the GameCube classic would work well on Wii U:

"You're right when you say that both the Wii U and Beyond Good And Evil fit very well, but for now I am only focused on Rayman Legends. That's [also] why I believe in an incredible Zelda game, the GamePad and classic control fit very well with such action-adventure games." - Michel Ancel

On Rayman Legends being exclusive:

"Well, technically we could to it with SmartGlass [for Xbox 360] and with the Vita being linked to the PlayStation 3. The possibility could be there, but we chose to really focus on Wii U specifically because it has a special toolset, and because everyone that buys it gets what they need to play the game.

We don't want to have the player dependent on other technology that they have to purchase to make sure they can play the full experience. Here you buy the Wii U system, you buy the game, and you can experience all of the content without extras. And we didn't want to give somebody half of the experience just for the sake of getting it out on another console. We want the player to get everything that we have to offer them from this game." - Rayman Legends' level designer, Chris McEntee

Rayman Legends slowing development on Beyond Good & Evil 2:

"What's very important is that Michel Ancel is kind of doing too many things at the same time. He was working on Rayman Origins last year, and he's working a lot on Rayman Legends this year. So, you know, when he does that, he kind of puts too much of his time on the other projects that he has. So the fact is, that working on Legends is slowing the process on Beyond Good and Evil 2.

It's really a game that we've been working, we have worked on, and is a game that we want to do. But there are so many things that have to be done that, you know, this one is going to come in line at one point, but at the moment Michel is really on Rayman Legends." - Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot

It sounds like there's a fair possibility that the Wii U will be getting some BG&E(2?) love once they're done making Rayman Legends.


Assassin's Creed 3 - 'HUD-less' option in Wii U version reconfirmed:


Good to know that this feature made it into the final game.


ZombiU survival guide: 5 things you didn't know about the GamePad:

"1. Addicted To Radar

It's been shown in one of the recent trailers but most people haven't noticed the fact that there's a radar blip on the GamePad status screen. Tap the radar button, (which appears on the bottom-right, just under the area where it highlights which floor you're on) and you'll send out a pulse.

This pulse acts as a motion sensor, giving you live feedback on movement in your vicinity. It's an essential resource and while you might not always be able to see more than foot in front of you, you can rely on the motion sensor to keep you more informed."

To see the full story go to

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge - Momiji FREE DLC Available Now:


"NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor's Edge for Wii U will have free, exclusive playable characters! The first one is Momiji, Dragon Shrine Maiden. She will be available in Challenge Mode and Ninja Trials mode in early December." - Nintendo

NG3: Razor's Edge Momiji Trailer

Local/Online Multiplayer Details:

"Clan Battle

This global online battle mode connects up to eight players at once for a team competition to see who can rack up the most kills. Each player takes control of a generic ninja, and must inflict as much carnage as possible on the other team within the five minute time limit.

Ninja Trials

In this co-op mode, you'll be challenged to defeat a flurry of foes in an array of battle stages. You can play this mode solo, locally, or connect with another player online via the Nintendo Network. Collaborate with your partner to earn additional Karma Points for the foes that you defeat. These points can be used to upgrade generic ninjas in the online modes Ninja Trial and Clan Battle.

Ninja Records

Save your records for Story Mode, Chapter Challenge, Clan Battle, and Ninja Trials to Ninja Record. Upload your records from Ninja Record to the online leaderboard to compare your ninja skills with the rest of the NINJA GAIDEN community." - Nintendo


Rockstar - 'Everything is up for consideration' with Grand Theft Auto V:


"Will Take-Two bring GTA V to Wii U? Here's what Rockstar's Dan Houser had to say when asked that question...

"Everything else is up for consideration. That's all I can give you. The main thing is we are not... we are a third-party publisher. We're not Nintendo, we're not Sony, we're not Microsoft. We love all of them in different ways. But we can do what we want wherever there's the appropriate business opportunity and chance to find a market. If that's on Apple we put something on Apple. Wherever it might be. I think that's the fun in what we do. We see ourselves as a content company that uses technology. We don't make it; we use it to make the most fun stuff." - Rockstar's Dan Houser


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Hey everybody, guess who's back! :D

It's been a long wait leading up to Nintendo kicking off its next generation of console gaming, but now the wait is over...for the lucky...the Wii U is finally here! And if you're wondering, no, I don't have one yet. I've decided to wait a for the game library to grow a bit since most of the titles that I really want aren't coming until early next year, though I may not be able to stop myself from getting one this year (and that's if I could even find one :lol: ). I gotta say it looks like it's going to be a great system once it really gets going.

What do you fine folks think of the system? What's your favorite features? Which games are you playing? How do you like the GamePad? Is it the best universal remote you currently own? And the most important question of all... How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? :P

Also, thanks to everyone who contributed to the thread while I was gone. You guys rock!


Thanks for the impressions! It sounds like your brother is enjoying it.:D

I hope you tell us what you think of the system and those games once you get a chance.


Nintendo had a 'Nintendo Direct' presentation recently and updated their Wii U FAQ guide with more details about storage options, Nintendo Network, etc etc. So now there are answers to some of your questions.

"Does anyone actually know, (or maybe wants to try out coming 18th November), if the wii U will actually support 2(+) hdd's behind A usbhub?"

  • When downloading software or playing a game saved to an external storage device, you can only use one USB storage device with the Wii U console at a time. Multiple USB storage devices can be used one at a time to store your downloadable Wii U content, but the Wii U needs to be turned off to reconnect a USB storage device. "Hot Swapping" is not supported at this time. - Nintendo
  • In the future, we plan to add a function that will make it possible to connect multiple storage media to move or copy content. - Nintendo

"I do know the maximum set per drive is at least 3TB"

  • External storage devices used with Wii U should not exceed 2TB. External storage devices that exceed 2TB are currently not recognized by Wii U, but we are working to solve this issue via a December system update. Following the December system update the Wii U will be able to recognize a storage device that is over 2TB, but 2TB will still be the maximum amount of storage capacity. Any extra capacity in the storage device beyond the 2TB will not be accessible via the Wii U. - Nintendo

"I actually have some more interesting questions regarding gamesaves"

  • Q: Can I transfer my saved games from one USB drive to another? A:This is possible if the game is transferred first from the USB drive to the Wii U itself, provided that the Wii U system has space to hold the game in question. Then the game is transferred from the Wii U system to the other USB drive. - Nintendo
  • With a future update, we plan to add a function that will make it possible to connect multiple storage media to move or copy content from one to another. - Nintendo

"Can I replace the padbattery myself or not."

  • Yes. You can replace the GamePad's battery yourself 'using a crosshead style, size #00 screwdriver' to open the GamePad's battery cover.

"Can we get nintendo network premium access -by periodic payment- on A basic unit or not?"

  • Only purchases or downloads made on the Wii U Deluxe Set are eligible for the Deluxe Digital Promotion. Purchases or downloads made via the Wii U Basic Set do not accrue points. - Nintendo
  • The Deluxe Digital Promotion launches in North America in December 2012. However, participants in the promotion will earn points on all qualifying purchases made between Nov. 18, 2012, and Dec. 31, 2014. - Nintendo
  • When the Deluxe Digital Promotion website launches in December, participants can visit to view current point totals and to exchange points for Download Codes. - Nintendo

If you have more questions I recommend checking out as you may find your answer there. :)

is the wii u tablet screen 3d like the 3ds?


No, the Wii U GamePad doesn't support 3D like the 3DS, but it does support Inficolor 3D (Quality 3D without the need of a 3D Display). In addition to Inficolor 3D there are Wii U games that also support standard 3D if you have a 3D TV. Unfortunately the only game I know of that currently supports Inficolor and standard 3D on Wii U is Assassin's Creed 3.

Here's what a GameFAQs user said about it:

"I have the Wii U version. It does support 3D. It is not frame packed though, your choices are inficolor (Which actually works on the gamepad too, that's kind of neat), top-bottom, or side by side. It looks pretty good side by side and I didn't notice a huge loss in resolution (Even though it was halved)." - Darthvargi

~Wii U Launch Videos~

I haven't found the time to update the main page yet, but I will soon. For now hopefully a ton of videos will do?

WaraWara Plaza and Wii U Chat - Quick Look
Nintendo Network, Miiverse, and Internet Browser - Quick Look
ZombiU Launch Trailer
ZombiU - 11 Minutes of RTS vs FPS Multiplayer Gameplay
Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition Teaser Trailer
Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition Launch Trailer
Scribblenauts Unlimited Launch Trailer
Scribblenauts Unlimited TV Commercial #1
Scribblenauts Unlimited TV Commercial #2

Trine 2: Director's Cut Launch Trailer
FIFA 13 Launch Trailer
NBA 2K13 Developer Insight - Wii U
Madden NFL 13 Launch Trailer
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - Wii U Version Launch Trailer
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - Danica Patrick TV Commercial
Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition Launch Trailer
Tekken Ball Mode Walk-through - Featuring Robo Luigi & Mad Captain Falcon
Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper Launch Trailer

Mass Effect 3: Special Edition Launch Trailer
Sing Party Launch TV Commercial
Nintendo Land Launch TV Commercial
New Super Mario Bros. U Launch TV Commercial

~Recent News~

Wii U Launch Day System Update slightly over 4GBs, Basic users required to get HDD for most Digital Content:

Coming from the November 14th Nintendo Direct...

"USB Data Storage

- 8GB = 7.2GB, 32GB = 29GB in terms of actual save data. Wii U uses around 4.2GB when using the system for the first time.
- NSMBU is ~2GB, Nintendo Land is ~3.2GB. So, both won't fit into the Basic set at the same time.
- Wii U lets you put data onto a connected USB media drive.
- Cannot disconnect the external drive while plugged into the Wii U and receiving power.
- You can use general drives.
- Nintendo cannot guarantee that small hard disks (bus-powered) that require more power than USB 2.0 can handle will work properly.
- Generally, hard disks that have Y-Cables (2 USB connectors) will work with the Wii U.
- Nintendo warns that for USB flash drives, even though the Wii U will detect and connect them as it would a hard disk, due to limitations on the number of times data is read from the disk and how this will eventually wear the USB flash drive down, Nintendo does NOT recommend leaving important save and other game data on a USB flash drive for long periods of time. How this plays out depends on the game, of course.
- Wii U will read up to 2TB only for external hard drives even if hard drive has more space.
- In Data Management, you must format the connected media drive. Note that this means you cannot use the drive with a PC.
- You can move data from internal Wii U storage to external USB media in Data Management and vice versa. Data on both internal and external media will appear in the menu.
- At launch, only 1 USB hard drive can be connected, but through a future update, more than 1 will be possible and you will be able to move data between them freely.
- SD Cards can hold PC data, Wii Virtual Console, Wii Ware, and Wii save data, but cannot be used to save Wii U game save data."

This makes me think that the Basic Set will get phased out before the end of next year. I mean the only purpose it seems to truly serve is to make the Deluxe Set look like the best deal ever... "For just $50 more you get a $60 game, 4 times the storage, extra console/controller cradles and a cash-back rewards program! IT'S A STEAL!!!!" :P

You can read more details from this Nintendo Direct by going to:

FrozenByte says Wii U eShop offers Steam-like options for devs - free patches, updates and more:


"The following info comes from Trine developer Frozenbyte...

"We started working with the Wii U back in March, right after Nintendo contacted us for the first time. We had the port of Trine 2 working in about two days and then after that it was just about getting the game to look nicer and to implement the touch screen related features."

- developers set their prices
- devs determine when they have sales

"That's what we love about the new eShop. We have the power to price our products as we please, with just some basic guidelines from the big guys. The step to this is purely from Nintendos's side and they clearly see that [their] previous installments have not been up to par. We can set our own pricing and actually continuing on that by setting our own sales whenever we want. It is very close to what Apple and Steam are doing at the moment, and very indie friendly. As a small company we rely a lot on the long term sales of our games, not just how well the game does in the first month. Selling for more than two of the first weeks has been very difficult on the console side so far."

- no basic payments for each patch
- devs can update their game almost limitlessly

"We expect it (the approval process) to be longer than what Steam has, but still very competitive compared to the current console standards."

- adding in DLC is also free for devs

"Nintendo messed up the worst last time around. Now they really know that they have to make a huge improvement to get back into the game. What I have seen and heard so far is amazing and it's definitely going in the right direction as far as small developers are concerned."

- Wii U will have a larger shopping environment than 3DS eShop

"Now we can actually just upload videos about our game after the launch and still have the players come back and have a conversation about it. This makes it possible for everyone to continue that mutual relationship a lot further, rather than having it stop at the transaction.

Nintendo's eShop has the possibility of showing the way for the future of downloadable games on consoles. Not everything is up to par, but so far it looks like a far superior channel to be a part of. We hope that companies like us realize that and more indie games become available on the Wii U eShop. In the end this is how we see the future of console gaming and hopefully we are not too far away from that reality."

Wow, hopefully this means we'll be seeing lots of developer support for the Wii U eShop.

Go to for the full article.


Wii U's TV control is surprisingly important, changing the future of console controller functionality:


"The Wii U GamePad features built-in universal remote functionality, allowing players to use the touchscreen to turn their TVs on and off, change channels, switch between various inputs, and control volume. It works with cable boxes as well. A "TV" button on the GamePad brings up the TV controls at any time.

Okay, maybe that doesn't seem like a big deal. But it's an improvement in basic usability that accomplishes what every game company wants to do with a system: remove every possible barrier to its use, no matter how insignificant. If I want to play Nintendo Land, the only thing I have to pick up is the WiiPad: I can turn the TV on, switch over to the right HDMI input, turn the system on, and play the game with a single device.

People may not even realize how accustomed they become to this kind of convenience, until they go back to something that doesn't offer it. In the next console generation, we'll look at a controller that can't turn on a TV like we look at a controller that doesn't have a console power button now. I don't think it's a feature that will sell Wii U systems, necessarily, but even this tiny tweak is going to change how console controllers function from now on."

THE FUTURE BEGINS NOW. *Throws old remote out of window* :cool:


Ubisoft sends out a Day 1 patch for ZombiU:


"I spawned as a new character... in the safe house. The game's voice-over suggested I'd made it back; the game's quest log thought I hadn't. I retraced my steps, but the game wouldn't fix itself. I had to wipe my save. The second time I reached the end of the supermarket quest, my GamePad froze and my console emitted a shrill noise. I had to unplug the Wii U to fix that. This didn't just set me back, but it got me worried about an otherwise-promising game. This morning, I loaded the game and immediately got a day one patch. Hopefully it will address these issues.


And in case you're wondering, folks, I can at least tell you this: ZombiU is way better than the first Red Steel, Ubisoft's equally hyped but immediately inferior launch game for the original Wii."

Ya know, now I'm kind of glad they delayed Rayman Legends. :P

To see the whole story go to:

DLC Stages for New Super Mario Bros. U Confirmed in Iwata Asks discussion:


"Tezuka: Yes. We also are planning additional courses.

Iwata: As with New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS, you're talking about the additional courses.

Tezuka: Yes. We're trying to think of ways of play that are different from New Super Mario Bros. 2, but we haven't made anything yet! (laughs)

Iwata: Right, rather than distributing content that's premade at a later date, you're going to start working on it now.

Iwamoto: Yes. The mechanism for adding courses is already there, so please stand by for an update on what they'll be like."

Also - How to boost without a buddy:

"Takemoto: But a problem for the Boost Mode challenges was that you couldn't play it without two people. We didn't want to make anything that a single player couldn't complete if he or she wanted to.

Asuke: Then we saw a certain programmer who just happened to be tapping away at Boost Mode challenges all alone.

Iwata: What's that like?

Asuke: You hold the Wii Remote with both hands and...

Iwamoto: Like this.

Takemoto: And you touch with your right middle finger...

Asuke: (tapping the table with his middle finger) Like this.


Asuke: That programmer got all the Boost Mode challenge gold medals all by himself."

Well, that's certainly a new way to play. :lol:

To read the full 'Iwata Asks' for New Super Mario Bros. U go to

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Why is a screenshot of Return to Dreamland in the original post? Is that part of the collection?Minishdriveby

Yes. Dream Collection has "Brand-new Challenge Stages" that were made with the same engine that Return to Dreamland used.

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La-Mulana Release Thread
(Is this retro adventure one of WiiWare's last great titles? Find out below)

~About La-Mulana~

Release Date: Available now in North America and Europe.
No. of Players: 1 player
Category: Action, Adventure
Publisher: EnjoyUp Games
Developer: NIGORO
Wii Points: 1000

Are you ready to survive all types of traps and discover all the secrets of LA-MULANA?

LA-MULANA is the most complete "archaeology action and exploration" game ever created. Take control of Professor Lemeza and his inseparable whip to discover the mysteries of Humanity! Face all types of traps, enemies and Guardians in the greatest adventure every created for WiiWare. In LA-MULANA you will explore vast temples and, most importantly, you will have the feeling of total immersion. Each mechanism, trap or puzzle you solve will be a great achievement.


- The best "archaeology action and exploration" game.
- Over 40 hours of play.
- Hundreds of puzzles and secrets to be discovered.
- Wide variety of weapons and objects you can use.
- Use the "Mobile Super X" computer to run help software.
- Large quantity of enemies with spectacular guardians.




(Youtube) The History Of La-Mulana - Launch Trailer
(Youtube) WiiWare Gameplay Trailer

~La-Mulana Reviews~

Nintendo Life - 10/10:

"It's been a long wait, but WiiWare fans can now finally get their hands on this lesser known indie classic. Beating it can be an incredibly daunting task for less experienced players, but despite all of the difficult puzzles and fights there are lots of features that make the experience much less frustrating than you'd think it would be. With this title's significant size, if you can't beat one area you can just go to another first, so there are always options to progress. The lack of DLC is a bit of a disappointment, but the basic game is still, in a word: perfect." - (Full Review)

GamesTM - 8/10:

"It's an extraordinarily hard game, and the type of time sink that many won't be prepared for. While La-Mulana doesn't feel the need to kick you all the way back to the beginning every time you die, there's every chance you'll get so lost in its maze of pillars, vases and idols that you'll wish you had been. Like Fez, it'll probably take more than a few trips to the internet to get yourself through to the end, although there's nothing quite like that games community-driven puzzle-solving to really lose yourself in.

There's a lot to admire in La-Mulana. After struggling to hit Western shores in its WiiWare incarnation for years, it's a treat to finally be able to play it. Actually, it's not a treat. It's a nightmare. But if the success of Dark Souls has proven anything, it's that there's a world of people out there who just want to be punished." - (Full Review)

Wii's World - 90/100:

"Though La-Mulana is not without a few things that might make more casual players balk, it also happens to be one of the best 2D titles in years and an amazing tribute to the days of early 80's gaming. It might be tricky at times and players will suffer, but that is part of what marks a truly great adventure." - (Full Review)

Game Podunk - 8/10:

"La-Mulana is an incredibly well done game that will appeal to certain gamers. Those who grew up with these kind of games or who love a real challenge will flock to it. Some who are on the fence might even find the challenge addicting after giving it a shot. Then there are the crowd who will balk at how unfair it is at times. That's the nature of the beast with La-Mulana and it is quite a journey if you can survive it." - (Full Review)

Destructoid - 8.0/10:

"A handful of players will pick up La-Mulana and fall in love instantly. It'll be exactly the kind of cutthroat trial that they've always craved but could never experience. For most, the difficulty wall will simply be too high. It's criminal to walk away from such a brilliant gem, which is why I endorse the use of wikis, maps, and guides. There's no shame in getting a little outside help. In fact, I think it adds a meta element to the campaign. In a game about archaeological expedition, why wouldn't you refer to the notes and directions of previous explorers? As long as you leverage these materials sparingly, you can transform your despair into enjoyment. The game will still be hard as balls, but it'll feel much more manageable.

Beyond the seemingly insurmountable wall of challenge, La-Mulana is a brilliant title that exceeds in just about every category. Art, music, breadth of content, game length -- La-Mulana gets the highest marks. But there's simply no denying that the difficulty, as fair as Nigoro purports it to be, is a major deterrent. If you are willing to suffer, though, you will be blown away. I guarantee it." - (Full Review)

What are your thoughts on La-Mulana?

It sounds like a great game if you're looking for a challenge!

With the Wii's life cycle coming to an end I doubt that this will do very well, but hopefully it'll get second chance once the Wii U is available.

#10 Posted by JollyGreenOne (1001 posts) -

Well, in case you haven't noticed the 3DS Info Thread turned a year old on September 14th! Man does time fly, it's almost hard for me to believe that a year has past since I originally created this thread for Tokyo Game Show 2011. I gotta thank you all, because without you I don't think this thread would have gotten to this point. I also have to thank GameSpot, because even though it's not perfect; I still feel like it's one of the best places on the 'webz' to chat about the hobby that I love. Thanks for the good times, and may there be many more to come!

So backing up a bit, I originally made this thread for Tokyo Game Show 2011 and now TGS 2012 has begun! I'm not sure if I'll be able to do anything special for it this year, but I'll probably gather some of the 3DS related news and post it here if I get a chance. Maybe someone else will make a thread for it this year?


I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully you won't be gone too long. I appreciate all the links you post, they've been helpful and it's amazing how fast you post them sometimes! Thanks for being awesome, Gameboy.

~Recent News~

THE "DENPA" MEN: They Came By Wave (Denpa Ningen RPG) invading North America (eShop) on September 27th:


Release Date: Sep 27, 2012
No. of Players: 1 player
Category: Role-Playing
Publisher: Genius Sonority Inc.
Price: $9.99

Radio waves are all around you.

However, what you might not know is that, at any and all times, mysterious little creatures float around near these waves. They're called "Denpa" Men. You can't see them normally, but you can find them and catch them with your Nintendo 3DS.


This is a role-playing game in which you collect Denpa Men to form a party, and use this party to explore dungeons. Each radio wave territory has its own completely unique Denpa Men, and no two of them are ever the same! Their faces, bodies, and personalities are all different, and some of them even have special skills and strong points. There's a practically infinite number of variations! Sometimes, you'll even find Denpa Men who are exceptionally strong.

Try searching in lots of different places to form your own team of these wonderful tiny critters, and take them on an adventure to rescue a certain special someone from the clutches of the King of Evil!


* Different types of "DENPA" MEN are location-specific
* There are many types of "DENPA" MEN, some are quite rare
* You can find and catch new characters anytime, anywhere
* Captured characters become characters in the game

(Youtube) English Announcemet Trailer


I've been waiting for this, it looks pretty fun (and weird :P).


Cave Story getting an official eShop release with added content:


"The original 2D pixel-based Cave Story is officially releasing on the eShop as a native 3D game on October 4th, 2012 for $9.99! Additionally, Cave Story for eShop supports widescreen and original 4:3 modes, two button configurations and MORE Challenges!


Cave Story for eShop Features:

- 4:3 and REAL widescreen support. YES!
- Multi-layered 3D depth (and lots of it!)
- Additional Challenge modes (including Nemesis Challenge, Boss Rush, Curly Story, Hell Time Attack and Wind Fortress!)
- And all the other stuff you love: over 20 epic boss battles, 15 levels to explore in the vast world, 10 unique weapons to find and upgrade, four unique endings"

If I get some extra eShop cash I might get this. I don't own any of the other versions.


Mutant Mudds (3DS) Getting 20 Free New Levels, Mutant Mudds Deluxe Blasting Onto Wii U:


"Mutant Mudds fans, Renegade Kid loves you. The original game a 3DS download that we think is one of the best in the eShop is getting 20 new levels added as a free update soon. A sequel, Mutant Mudds 2, has been teased to arrive sometime in 2013. And now, just announced, is yet another way to get your mud-monster-blasting fix Mutant Mudds Deluxe, heading to Nintendo's Wii U. The game's creator, Jools Watsham, posted this teaser image to his blog this morning:


Looks pretty snazzy to us. The game will be an upgraded version of the original 3DS title that will be fully playable on the GamePad screen, and will be sold through Wii U's eShop."

Heck yes! Mutant Mudds is one of my favorite eShop games, so I'm glad to see it get more content.


High Voltage talks status of its original IPs, says new Conduit-releated news coming this year:


"The following is a status update from a High Voltage employee (HVSBob), done in the style of a faux interview.

Question: What about some original HVS games I've heard about, like The Grinder, Animales de la Muerte, and of course the Conduit series?

Answer: As usual, there are things we're not ready to talk about. The games I just mentioned in the last answer, for instance, are public knowledge for those who know where to look. But you may be pleased to know our strategy moving forward calls for a greater proportion of original IP games.

I'm excited about the projects we're working on now. I think they represent a new chapter for us: one that's more forward-thinking than before.

Question: OMG I love Conduit so much!

Answer: That's not a question, but thank you! And we haven't forgotten about Conduit over here, either. I would expect some new Conduit-related news before the year is out."

I wonder if this has anything to do with that Conduit 3DS concept/tech demo that they showed about a year ago. I guess we'll find out soon?


Nano Assault EX flying towards 3DS eShop, Nano Assault Neo blasting towards Wii U's digital shop:

(Above screens are from the original 3DS version of Nano Assault)

"'Nano Assault EX' is coming to the 3DS eShop (EU+US)! Based on the original release but with new game modes & options... more info soon!" - Shin'en Multimedia via Twitter

Details on Nano Assault Neo:


"Platform: Wii U eShop
Genre: Shoot'em'up
Release Date: 2012
Price / Rating: tbd


Stop the deadly Nanostray virus from spreading in the nano cosmos. Traverse a breathtaking microscopic world. You are one against millions.


* Play optional on your Wii U Gamepad (without TV) (accessible in the Main Menu and in the Pause Menu, press + Button for Pause)
* Touch the Wii U Gamepad to adjust your satellites and rotate the cell map
* Two player coop gameplay
* Drop-in two player gameplay (press + Button on a second controller anytime)
* Online Leaderboards


- Clear 90% of all organisms of a cell to trigger the exit to the next level.
- Collect Subweapon powerups
- Collect green credits which can be spend in the shop
- Collect "BONUS" chars to enter the bonus round at the end of a cell level. (Bonus chars are maintained after a level ends)"

I own the original Nano Assault and I think it's a great little game, so I'm looking foward to this updated version. And Neo looks like it'll be pretty good too.